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13th November 2017

How to find your new student home with just a tap on an app

University student, Vera Simmons-Law, reveals how ‘Bubble Student’ app eased her housing nightmares

When it comes to finding a new student home, the process is inevitably daunting. My first experience trying to find a house for six was messy and involved a lot of scrambling around by all of us. With my first experience being quite stressful, I really wanted to make the process of finding a house for third year, as smooth as possible.

I came across ‘Bubble Student’ through an advert on Facebook surprisingly and am very glad that I clicked on it. ‘Bubble Student’ is an app that can be used on your iPhone or Android to quickly and easily find student properties near you all whilst sharing it with the other people in your future home.

When searching through properties, you are able to see which of them have also been liked by your friends. After the search process, you can share them in a group chat with you future housemates and discuss which ones are best.

Additionally, after a let is decided, you can use the app to communicate with the letting agency or landlord to bring up any maintenance issues whilst residing in the property.

I found the process the complete opposite of my precious experience and extremely useful when some of my friends were not all at the same place at once. Booking viewings meant literally just tapping your screen a few times and meant I didn’t have to designate too much time away from university work or my social life to organise it.

What really impressed me was that the app was invented by fellow students who had seen how tumultuous the process of finding a student house was. The simplicity of the app really shows that the founders understood the difficulties student face in this process and chose to help the student community. The app can be used in over 20 U.K. cities including Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol and Birmingham.

To make things even more interesting, ‘Bubble Student’ currently have a competition offering a year of free rent! The only condition is that you find your new house using the app. For those frightened of the prospect of house searching, this app is the answer to your problems.

Find the competition here on the app’s Facebook page.

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