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30th November 2017

University of Manchester wins environment award

The University of Manchester has recently been awarded for two projects by a prestigious award

The Environmental Association for Universities attributed the Green Gown Award to the University of Manchester this year.

On the 15th of November the university received the award for ‘10,000 Actions’ and the ‘Sustainability Challenge’; two initiatives that are specific to the university.

The Head of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Manchester, Emma Gardener, declared that “10,000 Actions took our staff engagement on sustainability from around 3% to more than 40% over the course of the campaign. It’s great to see our impact recognised at a national level through this award.”

Following this, Professor James Thompson, the Vice-President for Social Responsibility, stated: “Three years ago we developed new social responsibility signature programmes with the ambition of reaching all students and all staff.

“It is therefore particularly pleasing to see both the Ethical Grand Challenges programme and 10,000 Actions recognised by experts outside the University as leading the way in the UK.”

During the ceremony, the University of Manchester Chancellor, Lemn Sissay, spoke: “The leadership and innovation that we have seen tonight is truly awe inspiring. If all education institutions created individuals and initiatives like these, we would have a much brighter future full of leading lights.”

This award comes after a long list of awards that the University of Manchester received for its leadership in matters of teaching and pedagogy.

Co-written by Pierre-Leo Rouat and Youssef Bouri

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