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12th December 2017

Interview: The Orielles

Henry Wade talks to the Mancunion about the upcoming debut album, touring and what it’s like working with two sisters!

The Orielles are a three-piece band made up of sisters Sidonie B Hand-Halford (drums) and Esmé Dee Hand-Halford (bass, vocals), and Henry Wade (guitar, vocals). The Mancunion was lucky enough to interview Henry ahead of the band’s gig at the Deaf Institute on Friday 8th December.

The Orielles are set for a huge year in 2018, with the release of their first album Silver DollarMoment. ‘Let your Dogtooth Grow,’ the first single from the album has had widespread success and sparked interest all over the UK.

Is this mini tour your first proper tour?

No, we’ve actually done about three tours, we just finished one in October. I can’t remember all the places we went off the top of my head! Everywhere man.

And you guys are from near Manchester aren’t you? Are you excited to come up to the Deaf Institute?

Yeah well I live in Halifax, Ez lives in Manchester and Syd lives in Liverpool. Yeah we’re excited it should be a really good night!

And you’ve just announced your debut album, Silver Dollar Moment, what’s the story behind the album name?

It’s a funny story really. We went to Canada and played this gig at 2 am. We were shattered and had been awake for 36 hours. We played this venue called the Silver Dollar Room and it was one of the best gigs we’ve ever done! From then on whenever something was better than we thought it would be, we called it a silver dollar moment, which is what the album has become I guess!

Is the album a collection of your previous EPs and new material or is it all new stuff?

No all new stuff, it’s brand new which is exciting! Only ‘Let Your Dog Tooth Grow’ has been released so far from the new album. So there are 11 new songs for you guys to listen to.

I’m baffled by this, you guys are super young aren’t you?

Yeah I’m 18, Ez is 19 and Syd is 21.

So you’re all still studying and doing the band? Is this definitely what you all want to do?

Definitely, well we’re all in education now, Ez is at the Uni of Manchester! And we love playing in Manchester, we’ve got loads of mates up there and have loved it since we started the band.

Because you’re such Manchester pros, I’m going to ask you for some top Manchester advice.


Where is best in Manchester for a crazy night out?

Deaf Institute is always good. I really like the Girls on Film night; hopefully that will be on when we’re up. Ez has started going Antwerp mansion as well but I haven’t been yet. We’ve had some good nights at The White Hotel as well; I know it’s in Salford but it’s sick! DJ’ed there a while ago, it’s good!

Where would you go for a fun cocktail?

I’ve only just turned 18! So I haven’t been out for a cocktail yet, I’ll have to get that when the tour starts!

And where’s best for greasy food in Manchester?

D Bites. It’s Vegan junk food in the Northern Quarter.

The two others, Ez and Syd are sisters – how is that working alongside siblings?

It’s fine yeah! They have loads of inside jokes but they’re so in tune with each other that it makes writing easier.

What is your dream festival to play?

Primavera, one of the ones in Spain. In the UK, we’d love to play End of the Road, obviously Glastonbury. We played Green Man last year, which was good.

Who’s your dream collab and who do you get inspiration from?

We get inspiration from everywhere. We take it from Pixies, Pavement, Stereolab, and Pastelles, just loads really. Our dream collab right now would have to be Chic.

Are you worried about anything for the tour?

Nah nothing! We love it. We’ve got a big year next year and have got lots planned so we’re just excited to get going!

Do you have a support act?

Not for the tour but in Manchester we’ve got a special support band called Dreaming who we’ve known for quite a while. We’ve also got Inland Taipan, who are our friend’s band from Manchester and we’ve also got a band called Boys Azooga, who have just been signed playing. They’re cool so it’s gonna be sick!

Finally, how long do we have to wait until the album?

The album is out on 16th February 2018!


Check out The Orielles at the Deaf Institute on Friday 8th December. 

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