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1st February 2018

Review: Horse Meat Disco

With Pangaea not on the cards this January, Hannah Brierley heads to Horse Meat Disco, an event for all your disco boogie needs
Review: Horse Meat Disco
Photo: Horse Meat Disco

27th January 2018, Gorilla

Horse Meat Disco describes itself as the “queer” party for everyone. Such a simple introduction has never fit an event more perfectly. Horse Meat Disco is successfully touring around both the UK and across the globe, and this is clear to see why,  a constant stream of glittery faces, and abundance of disco lights and brings together a sea of people in one place to have a really good dance to really good feel-good music.

For those who have never been to the venue Gorilla before it honestly has everything you need. The size of the venue is big enough to feel full, vibrant, and busy, but with enough room to breathe and more importantly no huge queues for the toilet or for the smoking area (Hurrah).

The night consisted of tracks such as Fleetwood Macs’ ‘ Everywhere’, The Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me, Baby’ and as much CHIC and Niall Rodger classics that you could ever want or desire. The event covered all bases, from Motown, funk and soul. It had all the best songs way back from the biggest 70’s hits, all the way to today’s funkiest modern tracks.

The quality of the music never once dipped, nor did it drop the exhilaration through the night, playing all of those memorable hits that you can’t help but lose yourself to. They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and this is most definitely the case for most people who went to Horse Meat Disco that Saturday, a whirlwind of genuine fun and ‘good times’… (pardon the CHIC pun).

From, never being and having heard so much about it, to going and experiencing it myself, I can honestly say I am counting the days till the next Horsemeat Disco (It’s February 23rd if anybody is wondering).

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