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8th February 2018

Students’ Union launch Brexit survey

The survey hopes to particularly capture students’ views on the single market
Students’ Union launch Brexit survey
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The Students’ Union at the University of Manchester has launched a comprehensive enquiry aimed at uncovering collective student consensus on the Brexit resolution.

The study is principally intended to get an insight into the student body with regards to the single market.

The campaign, “Students for the Single Market”, is a joint effort put forward by the Student Union’s Diversity Officer Riddi Viswanathan and Education Officer Emma Atkins.

A survey carried out by the NUS showed that 80 per cent of students want to remain in the single market.

The campaign aims to compile an updated report on whether the student body consensus on Brexit has altered, as well as gather insights into the expectations of those who support Brexit.

Riddi Viswanathan said: “Resources which are available nationally have been used to put together a list of questions for the survey. We have an insight manager who helps with data collection and launching.”

The survey is reportedly scheduled to be redirected campus-wide mainly via student email throughout the month of February.

Additional input has been collected through events organised as Part of Global Week, which was set to run on the 9th of February. Stalls have been set up in the Foyer equipped with small post boxes where students were able to write down comments, opinion and suggestions regarding Brexit.

“We asked students to write letters addressed to MPS in regards to Brexit. We intend to pass this feedback in an attempt to help lobby the government”, said Riddi Viswanathan.

The interactive event included a photo booth where students could stick post-it notes and take pictures with their opinions regarding Brexit as well as Brexit-themed games and debates, in an effort to promote discussion, debate and raise awareness of some of the socio-economic implications of Brexit.

The data collected through the campaign is set to be published after the local elections taking place on the 3rd of March.

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