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19th February 2018

The latest beauty dupes

The latest beauty items to keep an eye out for…for all the wrong reasons
The latest beauty dupes
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If you procrastinate away countless hours that should be dedicated to university work watching makeup tutorial videos on YouTube, you will be aware that there are some amazing dupes on the market at the moment. The message has been delivered that we no longer need to make that crippling investment of our student loans into purchasing expensive brands to obtain the quality factor.

YouTube sensations such as Rachel Leary and Hannah Renée, often film videos giving us reviews of these ‘dupes’ in a sort of try-before-you-buy way making this an excellent way to find out how a product applies before going out and actually buying it, because, as we all know makeup isn’t like clothing, you can’t just take it back expecting a full refund if you don’t like it on.

I want to talk about a few game-changing products and brands on the market currently that deliver the high standard of quality without the high price tag.

Firstly, Revolution is a cruelty free non-animal testing brand such as all the makeup brands at Superdrug. Personally, I find their products amazing quality for their prices. But their latest ground-breaking product is what has got beauty bloggers and youtubers all over the country talking. This is their brand new ‘Conceal and Define Concealer’. Shelves have been stripped bare by makeup-fanatics eager to get their hands on this £4 revelation.

It has been compared by beauty youtubers such as Stephanie Toms to the Tarte Shape Tape (£22) and has said to be the closest dupe to this raved-about product that beauty bloggers have seen to date! It is full coverage (an essential for covering those dark night-out-induced under eye circles), comes in a vast variety of shades and has even been described as feeling lighter on the skin that the Shape Tape. If you have only just discovered this product and  it’s sold out in your local retailer, you can order it directly from TAM Beauty online.

Another innovation from Revolution is their liquid highlighter retailing at a mere £6.

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This product has a dual effect, doubling also as a liquid eye shimmer. A paralleled pocket-friendly product to this is the Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops (also £6) which can be blended in with your fingers or a sponge to create a flawless and blinding glow. These products are amazing dupes for the infamously hyped Iconic London (£30) and the Cover FX Liquid Highlighters (£34).

e.l.f Cosmetics is an American cosmetic brand that has recently been launched into 250 Superdrug stores nationwide.  Encouraging artistry creativity and innovation on a budget is the message embodied by their range and having used their products on several occasions, it is wonderful to see it sold on home soil!

Previously an e-commerce business, the  global enterprise has built its custom on their renowned affordable products; starting from just £3. Their collection has also grown to incorporate skincare, make- up and an array of beauty tools brushes.

Other suggestions that wont break your bank include Freedom, MUA and Collection which can all be found at your local Superdrug.

Dedicating time to some hard-core beauty research, will enable you to increase your savings and get your hands on some amazing products for a fraction price freeing up your cash flow for more important things i.e. guilt free cocktails!

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