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16th March 2018

Life after university – choosing your graduate home

Are you struggling to decide where to live after uni? Well, we’ve got your back
Life after university – choosing your graduate home
Photo: CollegeDegrees360 @Flickr

Graduation is around the corner, uni life is coming to a close, and the realisation that it’s time to put on your adult pants and enter the real world is slowly sinking in. You’ve had the best years of your life, made some lifelong friends, and created some even crazier memories, but now it all seems to be changing.

Not only are you now searching manically for your dream job, you’re also having to re-think your living situation. After three years of sharing a house with your BFFs — dishing up your finest spag bol to loving housemates and lounging together on the sofa binge-watching Netflix — everyone is going their separate ways. So what now?

Well, we’ve come up with a list of options available to you, and their pros and cons, to help you figure it out.

Option 1: Stay in a student house share

You may well want to stick with the same friends in the same house that you’ve lived in for years, especially if some of your housemates haven’t yet graduated. The upside of this is the familiarity is comfortable. The downside? You could end up feeling like you haven’t moved on from being a student and might find that once you start working, your housemates’ student-y ways (not getting up until midday and late nights partying) aren’t compatible with your new professional lifestyle.

Option 2: Move back in with your parents

The pro of this (apart from an on-site cook and cleaner) is you will save yourself money — very appealing when you aren’t yet earning. The cons on the other hand… do we really need to spell them out to you?

Option 3: Find a new professional house share

If you’re planning on staying in Manchester but aren’t quite ready to rent an apartment all by yourself, there are plenty of professional house shares available on the market for you to rent. One example is idealHouseshare, a property management company who organise and maintain shared houses for young professionals, just like you. They have a large portfolio of houses and flats to choose from, everything between four to six bedrooms. They’re also all within prime locations (think Withington, Didsbury and Chorlton), so they’re sure to find you your next place to call home.

You won’t need to worry about what your new housemates are like: at idealHouseshare they’re all about the personal touch. They personally get to know each and every individual housemate, so when a room in one of their houses becomes available, they are able to connect potential new housemates with their existing sharers based on age, interests, sociability, even their working schedule. Cue a harmonious and contented household — perfect after a long day at work.

If you’re on a house hunt, this is most likely to be your most cost-effective option too: not only are they currently offering 10 per cent discount to all university graduates, there is no deposit to pay on any of their rooms.

Once you’ve found your new gaff with idealHouseshare, the fun doesn’t stop there! IdealHouseshare offer more than just a room but also a social experience. All housemates receive free membership worth £240 to Social Circle, one of Manchester’s premier events company. With this membership, you gain free access to daily social activities including cinema trips, pub crawls, comedy nights, gym passes and much much more. IdealHouseshare also regularly organise their own social nights and sports teams, allowing them to get to know their housemates even better and enabling their housemates to meet more new people.

Photo: idealHouseShare
Photo: idealHouseShare

If you need yet another reason to choose idealHouseshare and their affordable accommodation consider this: they’re keen supporters of the local community — something which you may want to get involved with. Last summer, the idealHousehsare team joined forces with a bunch of housemates and headed to the Lake District to take on the Total Warrior challenge. Taking part allowed them to collectively raise almost £3000 for The Christie, the local cancer care hospital. This summer, they’re ready to commence their next challenge and have signed up to do the Manchester to Blackpool 60 mile bike ride, hoping to raise even more money for The Christie charity.

So if you’re graduating from university and looking for a fun, inexpensive living situation which doesn’t mean moving back home, try idealHouseshare.

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