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Preview: Gottwood Festival 2018

The weekend of the 7th June marks the end of exams, summer being right around the corner, and the start of Gottwood festival.

Set in the tranquil Carreglwyd Forest in the Isle of Anglesey, this quirky festival is where the majority of University of Manchester students seem to be going this year. Parklife’s time has come and gone. The artists attending the Manchester-based festival may be incredible, but the effort to get to and from the festival each day is no longer worth it.

Being at a non-camping festival means you’re unable to just sit down, grab another can, or even just a bite to eat without having to fork out a fortune. But more importantly, as students napping is just a part of our everyday life – which is why having the ability to just pop back to your tent and have a little snooze at any point is essential.

What’s more is, year on year, Gottwood really bring it when it comes to the line-up. With the likes of Avalon Emerson, Ben UFO, Rodriguez Jr, and Dominik Eulberg gracing their festival this year, it’s sure to be a weekend to remember. Check out their official Soundcloud playlist here to get a feel for their electronic dance music vibe. Although I’ve never gone to the festival myself, the number of my friends, family and strangers who rave about it, really does show just how good of a festival it is, and why it shouldn’t be missed.

What’s particularly good about this festival is the focus they put on art and the experience their festival goers get. With various weird stages and insane laser shows – you’d be doing yourself an injustice if you didn’t attend. Another great aspect of this festival is the fact that they support local, emerging talent and others you probably just won’t have heard of before such as Felix Dickinson and Kate Miller, which means you’ll more than likely find yourself stumbling upon artists you’ve never heard.

Be warned though – tickets are quickly selling out, so avoid that disappointment and buy yours now that student loan has officially dropped. Click here for the link.

Hope to see you all in the woods.

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