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13th September 2018

Spice up your life with a whole display of ’90s nostalgia

You know their names. Baby, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and Posh. But do your know their fashion? The SpiceUp exhibition featuring their most iconic outfits proves their influence has probably seeped into your style either way
Spice up your life with a whole display of ’90s nostalgia

It has been over two decades since the Spice Girls reigned as pop’s homegrown princesses. But it was not just their string of internationally chart-topping hits that took everyone by storm; their style was just as infamous. By each coming up with their own unique personas, the Spice Girls used their individual style to make their looks just as iconic as their hits.

Today, in Deansgate’s Manchester Central Convention Complex, their fashion can be enjoyed again. Dozens of the Spice Girls’ on-stage costumes, red carpet couture and even personal attire are on display together for the first time, courtesy of touring collection company SpiceUp. We see where playfulness meets trendsetting, where the intricacies of design meet colours that pop. With each outfit there is a caption of who wore it, where and when, easing a trip down memory lane for nostalgic viewers and an absolute thrill for super fans and fashion lovers alike.

It’s not hard to picture in your mind the clothing character of each member but seeing it in person is a whole different ride. Right before your eyes are Geri’s legendary Union Jack dress and glittery boots. The doll dresses and the pink and the shockingly-high platformed trainers could only be identified with Emma. Mel B’s wardrobe is made up of a sea of animal prints and dramatic, fur-trimmed, floor-length coats.

Interestingly, you can observe Mel C’s athleisure looks, with the tracksuits and crop tops, to not be vastly different from what today’s leading pop females might step out onto the festival stage clad in.

Whilst her outfits may not be the most eye-catching when walking around the space, it is perhaps Victoria Beckham’s stage and personal pieces that tell the greatest story. In 2008, the singer-turned-designer launched her namesake high-end clothing line. The garments you will see strutting down her catwalks today are not dissimilar to those she wore in her heyday.

Tales of the group’s split are among the reading material at the exhibition but it’s obvious that etched between the personal drama the young women did have a lot of fun and built their legacy through their style.

SpiceUp has continued its journey and has relocated to the Great Northern Shopping and Entertainment Complex. The exhibition will remain open to the public until 30th September.

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