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Students’ Union launch Alternative Lecture Series

This October the University of Manchester Students’ Union is launching an Alternative Lecture Series.

Run by the Education Department, the series is promoting a diverse and challenging education for students at the University.

The organizers want to touch on topics that students won’t find in their curriculum, making education more exciting.  The aim of the series is to encourage the students to become involved in the lectures, come up with new ideas for future speakers and ultimately take ownership of the event.

The lectures are described as “unofficial TED talks” by experts on everything and anything.

The first lecture will take place on the 4th of October from 4-6pm in Theatre B, University Place. Neil McInroy, the CEO of Manchester-based think tank CLES, will outline the current issues and obstacles facing inclusive economic development. He will then describe CLES’s vision for promoting local economic development and explain what students can do to help.

In the second lecture, which will run on the 11th of October from 4-6pm at SU Council Chambers, Daniel Davis will address the themes of his latest best-selling book The Beautiful Cure. It describes the scientific quest to understand how immunology works and how this understanding unlocks a new approach to medicine and well-being.

The last lecture will take place in the SU Council Chambers on the 18th of October from 4-6pm. During this Jeff Forshaw will share with us his Physics interests (topic unconfirmed).

The events are free and attendees can simply show up on the night. To find out more, visit the events’ Facebook page.

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