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UoM lecturers speak at the Labour conference

The University of Manchester initiative ‘[email protected]’ took a team of lecturers to deliver a trio of talks at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. The University created this group in order to showcase their highest standard of research and expertise on offer at UoM.

The group came together in the hope that they could lend support and give any knowledge that may be needed for the best policy decision-making for the UK. At the Labour conference, the group covered issues and subjects at their talks such as ‘Immigration and the future of British Politics’ at the Tate Liverpool, as well as ‘Is further devolution the key to successful cities post-Brexit?’, and ‘On the dole – will robots put us out of work?’ at the Hilton Liverpool.

The team at the conference then held a ‘data lounge’ session after the three talks. At this session, there was a chance to find out more about the university’s research and to have a general break and chat with the University of Manchester members attending. The range of cutting-edge research occurring at the University included that into Lynch syndrome. This is a syndrome that can cause bowel cancer and the more previously unresearched womb cancer. The research undergone by the University is hoping to improve treatment, increase screenings early on, and therefore save peoples’ lives.

At the conference, the [email protected] team also included esteemed speakers from the CBI, Centre for Cities, Social Market Foundation, TUC, and others. There will also be members from [email protected] attending the Conservative Party conference on the 2nd of October to give the same talks that were given in Liverpool.

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