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Preview: ‘How to Hide a Lion’

Based on Helen Stephens’ children’s story, ‘How to Hide a Lion’ is currently on its first national tour.

After the show’s adaptation was so well received at the Polka Theatre and Oxford Playhouse in 2016, it is now being toured by Pigtails Productions. The show is adapted and directed by Peter Glanville and is focussed on puppetry and jazz to pull in its young audience.

‘How to Hide a Lion’ is about a young girl called Iris who forms an unorthodox friendship with a lion. That friendship leads her to protect him and help him hide when he is chased away. The audience is taken on a journey with Iris, to hide her unusual friend from the town folk who don’t understand him.  Iris is based on author Helen Stephens’ own daughter, and her book is now sold in fourteen languages worldwide, having originally been published in 2010.

The show is brought to life by the puppets designed by Samuel Wyer, helping to bring the illustrations, also by Helen Stephens, right off the page. The two performers Stephanie De Whalley and Gilbert Taylor operate multiple puppets and navigate the set as Iris and the lion try and find the best place to hide.

Peter Glanville collaborated with jazz and cabaret artist Barb Jungr to bring this book to life. Jungr is known for her mix of musical genres, from theatre to cabaret to jazz. Described as a tale of friendship and acceptance, ‘How to Hide a Lion’ is suitable for ages three and above. It’s very much a family show, but with messages that have clear relevance to all ages given the current social climate.

‘How to Hide a Lion’ visits The Lowry Thursday 25th – Sunday 28th October, and will be touring until 18th November.

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