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14th February 2019

How To Get Involved in Fashion Week without Leaving Manchester

Despite being one of the UK’s booming fashion capitals, Manchester doesn’t host its own international fashion week. FOMO? Here are some tips to get involved.
How To Get Involved in Fashion Week without Leaving Manchester
Credit: Mercedez Fashion @ Flickr

Fashion Week has come round once again, and, like September and February of every year, you might be experiencing some FOMO if you’re not in those fashion capitals. If you are feeling less than pleased about spending the month of February in Manchester rather than New York, London, Paris, or Milan, not to worry. There are so many other ways you can get involved with the excitement of fashion week from the comfort of your own home, or the Ally G if you’re in the mood to procrastinate…

1.Sit Front Row Wherever You Are: Thanks to the internet, you can now watch shows, as if you’re sat on the front row, live as they happen. Most brands stream their shows nowadays so you can watch them live or whenever you’d like in the following days or weeks, taking in everything, the music, the set, the atmosphere, and, most importantly, the clothes.

2. Stay Caught Up on All The Coverage: Inevitably during fashion week, I spend so much of my time soaking up all the coverage. If I don’t have time to watch a show, or am not interested in the brand enough to do so, I love to scroll through the photos of each of the looks on Vogue’s fashion week section (run by what used to be and read the reviews of each show alongside them. I also love finding endless inspiration from all the outrageous street style and Man Repeller’s recent piece on all the best street style from NYFW is great for that.

3. Get Social: Not only do we have the internet to help us stay caught up but social media too! I think social media is the best way to feel as though you’re really involved in fashion week, as a lot of the coverage in the traditional press and media can feel a little detached. You can follow all of your favourite brands on social media to keep up with them but a great way to feel really connected is by following those who are attending fashion week. Instagram accounts that always document fashion week really well include @alyssainthecity, @manrepeller, @lucywilliams02, and @alwaysjudging.

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