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Hot Right Now: A Pint With Bill

Formed out of the ashes of a society plagued by decadence and debauchery, pundits have likened the aesthetics of A Pint With Bill to the emotional sensitivity of Frank Ocean, as well as to the raucous spirit of Bakar and King Krule. A Pint With Bill follows the life of a fictional student struggling with split personality disorder, with each song portraying a distinctly zany event that takes place as a result.

One of the strongest points of A Pint With Bill is their ability to bring so many different emotional feelings to the listener through their eclectically diverse discography. This develops emotionally from sensitive lo-fi ballads such as ‘rain.’, to the gut-wrenchingly distorted anger of “umakemeblue”, all the way to the almost ironically cheerful poppiness of “lips closed shut” with each song showcasing a distinct event in the student’s life.

The band truly shine the most when seen live, as this is when audiences can experience the wildly dynamic personalities of the two frontmen. This could be seen first-hand at their sold-out headline show at Indigo, which was only the beginning for the mysterious trio.

Lead singer of the band, Sam Robins, describes his band as “Writing songs based around the lives of everyday students here at Manchester. And because life experiences are so diverse, our songs reflect that sometimes you’ll be floating like a butterfly, but also stinging like a bee.”

A Pint With Bill are set to play a number of gigs soon, with the nearest one being a free gig in Fallowfield on the 22nd of March (details of which can be found on the bands Facebook).

Check them out on SoundCloud

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