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28th August 2019

A guys’ guide: How to update your wardrobe ready for the new season

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A guys’ guide: How to update your wardrobe ready for the new season
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It’s that time of year again when the leaves turn from green to brown and begin to pave the streets. As the pavements fill up so do the high street stores ready with the new season’s collections. It is a time for change not just in the weather but on the high street too. Stores clear out the last of their summer sales to make way for the must-have pieces for Autumn.

To help you choose the right pieces for your wardrobe we’ve put together a guide to update your options ready for the new season.

Autumn is nearly here, along with the new term, so it’s important to be looking and feeling your best ahead of the drop in temperature, dark nights, and many lectures. Whether you’re looking to try out a new sports jacket and jeans combination, need something more formal for the office or laid back for date night we have you covered. One thing is for sure, we are all getting excited to be able to throw on sweaters again! Check out some easy style options below to update your wardrobe ready for the coming months.

Chore coats and jackets

A great transitional piece is a trusty jacket. Think chore coats this season when piecing together your casual looks. This type of jacket not only keeps you warm but offers a laid back approach to an outfit that still feels put together. Pair with a shirt and pants for a more formal look or stick to jeans and sneakers for a casual vibe. It may be worth investing in an iconic bomber jacket as well as a classic piece for this season. A black bomber jacket can be dressed down or added to an outfit for going out on the town.

A simple shirt

Button up, and keep it simple with a shirt. Keep it classic with a crisp long-sleeved white shirt to be paired with jeans, sneakers, and a jacket. Or opt for a quirky checked shirt, jeans, and suede boots. By adding a collection of shirts to your wardrobe you can form multiple outfits using them to layer or wear as loose jackets over a tee. Pair with chinos, duffel bag, and a snapback and you’re good to go!

The right trousers

If you’re heading into an office environment, you want to pair your jacket or blazer with some loose fitting chinos or wool-blend trousers. If you’re heading to the library and have a day full of lectures, it’s probably best to go for comfort and choose some slim fit jeans or ankle length pants with an elasticated waistband for a smart jogger look. A staple pair of blue denim and black denim jeans should see you through the semester. Add a few more trouser options to the mix and you will be set for winter.

Appropriate footwear

When it comes to dressing your feet, it can be tricky with the ever-changing weather. Shoes are often the most expensive part of an outfit too, so if you choose a pair or two that will compliment multiple outfits you can afford to go for a more durable option that will not only last a long time but will work with many different looks. The must-have Chelsea boot – whether it be suede or leather – should make a statement in your wardrobe this season. As well as the latest sneakers that of course you are going to buy, it might be worth purchasing something a bit more sophisticated that sits middle of the road between smart dress shoes and something more relaxed such as the plain toe derby.


Lastly, as we live very busy lives you will more than likely need a satchel or bag of some description. Whether you opt for a formal briefcase or casual duffel bag it will allow you to carry all the books, files, and food you need for the day. Investing in a good quality one will not only last for a considerable amount of time but can be used as a travel bag for weekend breaks. You will also need a good pair of sunglasses, especially if you drive as the winter sun can cause some serious sun glare. Again, purchase a long-lasting pair to wear for years to come. Function 18 sell a variety of Oakley golf sunglasses that would be a great option.

This post is sponsored advertorial from Function 18 Designer Golf Clothing for The Mancunion.

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