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Manchester’s University sports available for fun

No matter who you are, there will be a sport waiting for you at the University of Manchester – and not all of them will be so serious that they end up engulfing your entire week’s worth of free time. Freshers to final years alike can benefit from the abundance of fun opportunities on offer.

For example, let’s say you’re a first year looking to meet new people while wanting to maintain the illusion that you are staying healthy at uni. Why not join the pole fitness or dancing societies? Or perhaps, kickboxing and mixed martial arts are more your style?

Maybe you’re a second year who has realised a new talent for pub games during first year. Then why not go along to the Darts Society and fine-tune your newly learned skills?

As mentioned, there are opportunities for everyone, even the stressed out final year students. The University of Manchester Yoga Society could provide a welcome escape from those looming deadlines and presentations.

Also not to be forgotten are the campus leagues for football, and rugby, which offer the chance to partake in a team sport, while providing an experience that is not as time-consuming as being in a society.

The campus league is a great way to get involved in some competitive sport, without the long away trips of official uni teams. Photo: Cil Barnett-Neefs.

In truth, there is no real formula behind which sport to take up while studying in Manchester, with options as varied as handball and ice hockey, powerlifting and quidditch. There are clearly many different paths to choose in order to get some exercise alongside your degree.

The main thing to do is to make the most of the opening weeks of the upcoming academic year by taking a look at all the options that are available at both the Freshers’ Fairs and the Students’ Union website – and remember that if there is not a society for your exact desires, why not make one?

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