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Top 5 Recent Releases

POLO: Hula 

Released in August, this catchy feel-good synth-dance track epitomises the skill of the Yorkshire-based trio. Cemented in the combination of eclectic synth patterns and lead singer Kat’s pure vocals, this is a release that has been firmly praised and crept into Spotify’s Alternative Pop Playlist within days. Firmly established as a band to watch at the moment, Polo play the Castle Hotel on the 31st October. Definitely worth a listen.

Saytr Play: Second Hand Emotion

Manchester-based locals Saytr Play show a level of dynamic within this track which has felt absent from recent work. It’s true to its roots, but displays a new depth of songwriting which shows a significant step forward towards future releases. This recorded track possesses the energy and gravitas that they have become known for onstage, reflecting the potential their writing has to offer. Ingeniously toe-tapping.

Bombay Bicycle Club: Eat Sleep Wake (Nothing But You)

This is the first release in five years from the quartet and it doesn’t disappoint. There’s an eerily infectious melody, some seriously decent guitar-based writing and clipped, poignant lyrics. This is a multi-faceted love anthem with a new dynamic that may have just won over an unsuspecting fan.

Mahalia: I Wish I Missed My Ex

Rooted in strong themes surrounding love, romance and empowerment, this EP release is grounded by fierce and poignant lyrics in firm collaboration with great songwriting. There’s a grittiness to the Caribbean heritage she draws from, paired with her distinctive vocals, culminating in I Wish I Missed My Ex. This is a soulful track with haunting vocals, which displays a clarity which is memorable.

Shoreline Mafia: Wings

The LA rap collective Shoreline Mafia have recently released this track within their latest project, titled Party Pack Vol. 2. The cult following the sporadic releases from the group have mustered, is testament to the quality of their work and, comes in partnership with the announcement of their ‘Paid in Full Tour’. It’s an understated but powerful release which is convincing enough to inspire future interest for those unaware of their tracks.

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