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2nd October 2019

Getting to know Adventure Queens; a women’s adventure community

Aisha Al-Janabi chats to Emma Frampton, co-founder of Adventure Queens, to find out more about this women’s travel community which aims to encourage women to travel and pursue their dreams
Getting to know Adventure Queens; a women’s adventure community
Adventure Queens logo courtesy of Adventure Queens and Rob Ellis

Adventure Queens is an online community of more than 12,500 women who all have the desire to step outside into nature and seek their own adventure.

I had the opportunity to chat to Emma Frampton on the phone, co-founder of the organisation with fellow adventurer Anna, to find out more about Adventure Queens. Emma, much like the entire Adventure Queens community, wants to encourage people to try something new, hoping that this support will allow you to build self-confidence and pursue your own ambitions.

Adventure Queens is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation set up in 2017 which initially organised wild camping meet-ups where women could share a night under the stars together and learn practical camping skills. It quickly became too popular and too large, so the group evolved into the online community that many now enjoy, through a variety of Facebook groups that are managed by local volunteers.

It is astounding that this community has gotten so large without any paid advertising; the word has spread through people sharing this online gem with each other. It’s a testament to all the like-minded women who want to explore, encourage, and meet up to adventure together.

Emma mentioned adventurer Al Humphreys who believes in micro-adventures: something to fit around the 9-to-5, or any other commitments we have. The idea is that the limitations of the 5-to-9 does not have to stop you from adventure; you can still sleep under the stars and experience something magical to refresh yourself. Using this, Adventure Queens aims to break down barriers for women who want to try different activities that fit around their various responsibilities.

There are several local Facebook groups and I found myself joining the UK and the Manchester group in a heartbeat. Looking through these groups is so inspiring, with women sharing photos of their own adventures, tips and tricks on camping spots and the ways to find a climbing partner or swimming partner.  It’s so lovely to celebrate other’s successes and makes me want to go out and find my own adventure – I’ll be asking about local recommendations for when I need a wild weekend to escape.

Other than joining the relevant Adventure Queen groups, I asked Emma if she had any other advice for those who want to go and adventure. She advised, firstly, to think about how much time you have – maybe you’ve got a free Sunday or an entire week? Next to consider is your budget which will dictate your accommodation, food choices, and what mode of transport you can use. Maybe go rollerblading, or skateboarding, try a long bike-ride through Manchester or the Peak District, or go on a walk. Emma reassured me that the more you do it, the more you learn. You’ll learn what to pack, and what is essential to you – be it an extra jumper or a pillow, for a more comfortable sleep.

If university and Manchester begin to get claustrophobic, post on Adventure Queens and see if anyone has recommendations or would like to join you on a trip. Often university societies are dominated by undergraduates, so Adventure Queens might be the perfect alternative for postgraduates who are looking for a community.

It’s a personal community based on sharing knowledge with each other and experiencing something new. If you’re looking for a supportive and inspirational community, Adventure Queens is the place to go.

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