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  • Seven injured in attack on Manchester-based charity in Syria

Seven injured in attack on Manchester-based charity in Syria

Six patients, one of whom is in serious condition, and a doctor were injured in a shelling attack on a clinic ran by Manchester-based charity Syria Relief.

The clinic in Idlib, Syria was hit by five shells in what Syria Relief suspects to be a “deliberate attack”.

In a statement on their website, the charity said: “The facility could not have been confused for a legitimate military target. It is a charity-run health centre to treat patients. It should not have been targeted for war.”

One woman is in a stable condition, and six others are being treated in hospital.

Around 60% of the healthcare infrastructure in Syria has been destroyed and few healthcare professionals have remained in the country. Syria Relief aims to provide emergency care to victims of the civil war. Based in Tameside, it is the largest Syria-focused charity in the UK.

The charity also manages a large number of schools in Syria, four of which have been hit since June, killing one child and injuring others.

Syria Relief has called on officials and the general public to offer help in any way they can. They are also appealing for donations to aid repair the damaged clinic and treat the victims.

The statement added: “We once again call on all military actors on the conflict to respect International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law and ceasing to deliberately attack medical facilities, schools and other civilian infrastructure.”

“We ask for your prayers, thoughts and donations to help us repair our damaged PHC. Please go to our Medical Appeal page to help us fund its refurbishment so it can go back to giving medical treatment to Syrian civilians.”

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