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Survey shows which politicans students would share a pint with

A study has found that 26% of students around the country would like to have a pint with our current Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

A survey conducted by Nido Student, polled over 1,500 students from all over the UK to determine what a night down the pub would be like with some of 2019’s politicians. 

While almost a third of the students polled stated Boris Johnson would be their pint pal, the results differed depending on where students were from. Students from the Northwest and Londoners were more likely to want to have a beer with Jeremy Corbyn than Boris, and Scottish students would rather join Nicola Sturgeon for a round. 

It’s no doubt that most students are fond of Jeremy Corbyn, but the poll has also found that Gen Z also may seem him as the most giving and compassionate out of the class of 2019 politicians. 45% of the polled students thought Jeremy, most likely to lend them a tenner, and 86%  of Northwest students were willing to entrust him to look after their wallet whilst popping out. Jeremey was also seen to beat the Green Party at their own game with 52% of North West students reckoning him most likely to use a reusable straw on a night out (that’s 42% more than the Green Party’s co-leader Jonathan Bartley). The poll also crowned Jeremy as our pub local saint, with 48% saying he’s is most likely to give to charity. 

Document pint enthusiast Nigel Farage was voted most likely to get in a fight, with 37% of students reckoning they would have to hold his pint at some point in the night. 

Despite a large percentage of students voting to have a drink with Johnson, a similar percentage reckon he’ll be quick to move on after their night out. 45% of students polled voted Boris Johnson most likely to forget to text them back. 

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