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Survey shows which politicans students would share a pint with

Survey shows which politicans students would share a pint with

What would a night at the local look like with the class of 2019’s politicians? A Nido Student study finds out who we like to drink with and who can get it down in eight
We must protect the NHS from privatisation

We must protect the NHS from privatisation

Liv Stringer argues against the privatisation of the NHS, writing that we should be defending this institution and not let our country’s healthcare become like that in America

It’s down to students to show the UK’s positive future

In the eyes of many Europeans, Britain has become the closeted land of King Farage – and no-one has as much power to change that as we do

Two slogans that define our world

Ollie Potter looks at how the results of the Brexit referendum and the US Election were surprising yet anticipated; the people are sick of the status quo

Leave behind the EU and embrace Rule Britannia

In his true final piece of the year, Colm Lock lays out the case for Britain voting to leave in June

Farage’s confusion is our confusion

Tristan Parsons on the confusion that exists between the various levels of UKIP support

Vote for policies, not personalities

Exercising our democratic rights is fundamental to getting the kind of government we deserve. It’s easy to get caught up in the leaders’ rhetoric or be overwhelmed by the amount of information available, but we can hold our politicians to account by voting on the 7th of May

The rise of UKIP – a force to be reckoned with?

As the public becomes increasingly Eurosceptic, Lisa Murgatroyd discusses how UKIP are becoming serious political contenders

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