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6th February 2020

What to wear when you’re bored of winter fashion

Winter feels never-ending, especially in Manchester. If you’re yearning for summer dressing but the weather doesn’t allow for it, Jasmine Bennett has some ideas
What to wear when you’re bored of winter fashion
Photo: Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

The key to winter fashion, especially by dreary February, is the coat. Once you have your staple coat, styling outfits for dull days gets far easier.

Consider going oversized – a large coat is easy to throw on over anything and everything. Hoodies under big coats give the feeling of being blanketed, perfect for those days when you just don’t know what to wear. Take inspiration from European brands like Raey, who have perfected this layering staple. The slight androgynous edge of their designs gives a clean and polished look. Don’t be scared of the bulky largeness of slightly bigger coat – when belted and layered, it can create a perfectly chic look. One large item also means there is less need for layers, creating an easy fix for day-to-day.

Equally, Max Mara’s iconic wool coats provide the perfect dream outfit to replicate. Consider incorporating colour when purchasing a coat – pastels and cool tones are perfect for winter dressing when you’re yearning for spring.

Throwing on a bold coat over an all black outfit suddenly brightens up the outfit, allowing winter to become playful and exciting. Winter doesn’t necessarily mean dark tones. Just because it’s dull outside doesn’t mean your outfit has to be.

And, you can also play with your accessories. For example, try a bright scarf to liven up your outfit. Checks are always versatile and classic for scarves. If you have a neutral coloured coat, a scarf is the perfect way to experiment with prints and patterns.

Bags are another way to do this – a quirky or detailed bag can suddenly liven up an outfit. If your wardrobe tends to stay dark or neutral during winter, this can be a great way to add some colour and fun.

Similarly, the key to changing up a winter look is combinations: a large hoodie with a pair of well-cut trousers can bring a certain slickness, or a cropped cardigan with a mini skirt and knee highs oozes 90s influence. Big cardigans – cozy and warm – thrown over t-shirts or vest tops provide easy layering options.

Treat yourself to good quality knitwear that you’ll want to wear again and again: sustainable brands like Nobody’s Child have a variety of good quality jumpers and cardigans that are perfect for these cold nights. Have fun with your knits – playful pinks and bright yellows can brighten up even the coldest of days.

Lastly, when you’re particularly bored with winter, skirts can be your new best friend. Mess around with length – a mini skirt combined with patterned tights can have interesting effects (look to Gucci for hosiery envy), while a midi or maxi skirt combined with printed socks and a cropped jumper is a staple go-to ensemble.

In summary, winter’s lifelessness can be conquered through a floral print and a hint of something bright. Remember your accessories, and above all remember a staple coat that you never want to take off is the best antidote to the winter blues.

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