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12th February 2020

HOME Season: Adaptation: Impossible Novels

HOME’s latest “Adaptation: Impossible Novels” season champions adaptations of books that stand toe-to-toe with their source materials, against all odds
HOME Season: Adaptation: Impossible Novels
Photo: courtesy of HOME

The jump of a story from the page to the silver screen poses a monumental challenge for screenwriters and filmmakers. So much detail is lost to the streamlining process in the writing room, secondary storylines are omitted completely, and, sometimes, important quotes don’t quite make the cut.

However, some film adaptations of books go against all odds and manage stand toe-to-toe with their source materials — and some even surpass their paper forefathers. These are the films that are championed at HOME’s “Adaptation: Impossible Novels” season.

The season started earlier this month but will be running until Sunday 23 February. The films showing later this month are:

Ulysses (1967) – Wednesday 12 February, 18:00.

Naked Lunch (1991) – Sunday 16 February, 13:00.

Where the Wild Things Are (2009) – Sunday 23 February, 11:00.

Norwegian Wood (2010) – Sunday 23 February, 15:20.


Tickets for every film are available on HOME’s website.

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