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French pharmacy beauty products

French beauty products worth the hype

The French girl aesthetic has taken the beauty world by storm for decades. The French exude a certain laissez-faire which the world desperately aims to emulate.

Thanks to the internet, the secret to their effortless beauty has at last been unravelled: pharmacy products.

In France, pharmacies are not only a place where people get their medication, you can also get your hands on beauty brands ranging from Avène to Bioderma. These offer simple paraben- and scent-free products which have attracted a massive international crowd.

The sheer quantity of products, which beauty influencers claim to be the best of the best, might feel overwhelming. But are these products really worth the attention, or are we being blinded by the hype haze?

Well, fear not: we’ve come up with a definitive list of the products that we truly think are worth spending your hard earned money on.

The best lip balm 

NUXE: Rêves de miel (£11.00)

Everyone from Jeanne Damas to yours truly will tell you that this product is a-ma-zing. Apply a thick layer before you go to sleep and you will wake up with lips so soft that you will never go back. 


The best toner 

Christian Lenart: Eau de Rose (£9.99)

This is not strictly speaking a toner, but it does act as one. This rosewater based product will leave your skin feeling incredibly fresh and glowy. 


The best sunscreen 

Vichy: Capital Soleil Dry Touch SPF50  (£16.50)

This sunscreen is the best to use all year round for all skin colours. It doesn’t leave a chalky finish but rather a smooth canvas to either apply your makeup over or just as a final step to your morning skincare routine. 


The best micellar water 

Bioderma: Sensibio H2O (£15.80)

A unoriginal choice, but it is really the best. This is a great product to use if you wear minimal or no makeup, as it will collect all the dirt that might have accumulated throughout the day, leaving your face clean and fresh. 


The best drying mask 

Juvaflorine: Natural Purifying Mask  (£4.40)

This clay mask is as simple as it gets and will do the job without any fuss. It isn’t harsh or too drying, but will definitely help your skin shed its superficial layers. 


The best multi-purpose oil 

NUXE: Huile Prodigieuse (£18.50)

The famous Huile Prodigieuse is prodigal indeed. You can use it as a makeup remover, body oil, or hair treatment. Believe us, you will definitely rebuy this one over and over again. 


The best dry shampoo 

Klorane: Dry shampoo with oat milk (£9.99)

Dry shampoo is a French girl must-have for styling on the go and this one is top notch. Unlike most dry shampoos it is not merely designed to conceal a bad hair day but it truly aims to keep your hair healthy.  


The best body moisturizer

Naturé moi: Lait Corps Nourrissant (£4.34)

Sometimes moisturizers ironically dry out your skin: not this one. It is also smells heavenly and feels insanely luxurious for its price point. 

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