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2nd October 2020

Top 6 shops for your new student home

Wondering how to decorate your bare walls? Check out our top six recommendations
Top 6 shops for your new student home
Photo: Vincent Zhang @Pixabay

Leaving your family home to live in student accommodation can be scary on many levels – between the cramped spaces, the shared bathrooms and the complicated landlords, university students are no strangers to housing issues.

Nonetheless, this is probably the very first time in our lives that we get to truly make our space our own, decorating as we please and projecting our personalities onto the walls. 

Here are six fun shops to personalise your new room with.

Oliver Bonas

Photo: Malcolmxl5 @Wikimedia Commons

This lifestyle shop is bright and uplifting all the way through – they have it all from jewellery and accessories to homeware, decoration and gifts. Lucky for us they offer 20% off for students with the Student Beans app.

Look out for: fun jewellery storage, gorgeous glassware, themed coasters and scent diffusers.

Find me here: 12-14 St Mary’s Gate , North , M1 1PX

Søstrene Grene

This Danish brand opened its arms to Manchester last year and is still going strong. It’s perfect for those who love scandi design and architecture – everything is minimalist, functional, warm and extremely hygge. 

Photo: Press Shot @Søstrene Grene

Look out for: golden cutlery, frames, flavoured salts and dried flowers.

Find me here: 12-14 Cross Street, Manchester M2 7AE


It’s a bit like a funfair of interior decor and little lifestyle gems to keep you going through Manchester’s rainy days and rainy nights. It’s a must-visit for all Frida Kahlo lovers and generally all who have a passion for joke books, streamers, pillows, blankets, lamps, you name it, you’re bound to want one of each.

Look out for: hand-woven versatile baskets, vibrant hand towels, the iconic Frida tote bag and floral themed prints.

Find me here: 74-76 High Street, M4 1ES Manchester


Photo: Mtaylor848 @Wikimedia Commons

This large homeware shop is fully stocked with everything you might need in your new room – textiles, crockery, pots and pans, sculptures and even gourmet ingredients. The best part is that they always have great sales and offers going on which are perfect for us students on a budget. 

Look out for: quality and colourful kitchenware, cushions, fun Halloween decorations and Tupperware heaven. 

Find me here: Unit 38, Arkwright Way, Arndale Centre M4 2HU


For lovers of Japanese lifestyle shops such as Muji, Manchester offers Kenji – a Japanese lifestyle shop with small fun items to liven up your home and life. Most items feature a cute, cartoon-like aesthetic and are all very reasonably priced.

Look out for: colourful chopsticks, plushies, themed mugs and indoor mats.

Find me here: 173, Halle Mall, Arndale, M4 1AH


Photo: Tham Yuan Yuan @Pixabay

This homeware giant should not be overlooked – here’s why: Ikea currently offers a student discount of 10£ off any 75£ shop! Everything a student might need is just a tram ride away.

Look out for: Patterned bedding, plain crockery, fairy lights and faux plants.

Find me here: Wellington Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 7TE


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