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19th October 2020

Fuse FM: Manchester’s student station returns after last orders

Student radio station Fuse FM is back next week so be prepared for your favourite shows to make their return and look out for new presenters
Fuse FM: Manchester’s student station returns after last orders
Photo: Fuse FM

Fuse FM is making its return and will be live on air from the 19th October. Station manager Maisie Woodford and her team are extremely excited to be back in the studio – even though there will be a few changes.

To mark the occasion, The Mancunion spoke with the ‘Ale Hour’ presenters and winners of Fuse FM’s best newcomer award, Jonno and Harry, who are bringing back their show for another semester.

Their show covers a multitude of topics reviewing different beers and making light-hearted quips about a variety of topics.

They hinted at the topics listeners can expect when tuning in on a Monday 19:00 – 20:30…

Did you carry on tasting and trialling beer together in lockdown over zoom?

We recorded our last episode before lockdown in our rooms at halls, making sure to continue our beer tasting over lockdown. We each had a stash of the same set of beers, so if we needed to, we could host an emergency Ale Hour or beer tasting.

What can listeners expect next semester?

We’re coming back bigger, bolder and better than ever. Our show will share many similarities to last year, in particular our regular segments about The Beer News and a review. Our music will also be as awesome as ever, but we’re also bringing in some new ideas we’ve been trialling, with the aim to become the best beer review radio show… *pause*…In the world.

Have you seen any shows on the schedule that you are excited to tune into?

As usual the Fuse FM schedule looks as packed with good content as ever, despite the pandemic. Breakfast with Adam Macdonald was always worth tuning in to last year and we look forward to doing so again. Tits for Tat also looks like an interesting new show, but there’s one show we’re very interested to see how it turns out, and it’s every Monday at 7 pm.

Fuse FM 2020/21 Schedule

Make sure to keep up to date with Fuse FM by following them @fusefm on Instagram and Twitter.

Jess Walmsley

Jess Walmsley

Editor-in-Chief 21/22

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