12th November 2020

Peripeteia Theatre Company: A Digital Theatre Company.

Introducing a new theatre company who is taking their work onscreen to adapt and made theatre more accessible to all. Read to find out exciting and innovative events taking place such as an Immersive digital experience.
Peripeteia Theatre Company: A Digital Theatre Company.
Photo: Adam and Hannah at Peripeteia Theatre Company.


From the ashes rises a phoenix. In a landscape that appears to be increasingly inhospitable for theatres, Peripeteia Theatre Company has emerged. Launched in 2020, the company has adapted digitally to the current Lockdown climate.

Peripeteia, a term in Greek literature meaning, a sudden reversal or change in circumstance. The company literally lives up to their name. They strive to change the way that theatre approaches its audience.


Poster designed by joint chief executives Adam and Hannah.Designed by joint chief executives Adam and Hannah.

Photo: Adam and Hannah at Peripeteia Theatre Company.


Digital theatre for a social media age

What perfect timing for a digital theatre to be opening its doors to the isolated public. Peripeteia Theatre Company are bringing new writing and classical texts into your home through digital mediums such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

They aim to create theatre that reflects the social and political climate of the current world, with ambition to take it internationally in the near future. They provide free online content and use new multi-media technology in their shows. An innovative and interesting way to view theatre.

It is vital we support theatrical efforts at this time. Further, the company is based in the North West of England, so even more important we support our regional theatre companies. Peripeteia Theatre Company is accessible, informative and entertaining.

Monologue Monday 

presenting a mixture of newly written work and classical texts. Each monologue is rehearsed, performed and filmed, of course, socially distanced and in accordance with government guidelines. These monologues can be accessed on their social media platforms.

The Dreams

The 9th of November marked the launch of their new initiative ‘The Dreams’. Inspired by the work of Delia Derbyshire, ‘The Dreams’ is a week-long immersive audio experience that maximises the use of headphones and digital theatre. Tune in each night and follow them ‘deeper into the unconscious mind, as we fall deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.’

At the end of this year they are holding an event to showcase the performing arts in a collective way. This year’s theme will be reflections on the extraordinary year that we have all lived through

‘the good, the bad and hopefully trying to find the positives too.’

Get ready to tune into exciting events that will keep you warm and invigorated in these winter months.

They can be found via Instagram: @peripeteiatheatre/ Facebook: Peripeteia Theatre Company/ Twitter: @_peripeteia/ YouTube: Peripeteia Theatre Company.



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