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12th November 2020

You’ve got a friend in me: Join the SU Buddy Scheme now

The Student Union has introduced a Buddy Scheme to help students feeling stressed, isolated, or overwhelmed due to the pandemic
You’ve got a friend in me: Join the SU Buddy Scheme now
Photo: The Mancunion

written by Matilda Oculy

Do you want to help your peers through these difficult times?

If the answer is yes, sign up for the Buddy Scheme introduced by the Students’ Union!

The Students’ Union has launched a new programme to provide support to students feeling isolated during the pandemic. If you are struggling with anything to do with university, and need a friendly fellow student to talk to, sign up here!

Students’ mental health has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with restrictions and self-isolation measures leaving many feeling lonely, overwhelmed, and anxious. 

Many students are new to Manchester and are finding it hard to socialise and make friends. The Students Union’s new initiative will contribute to bringing the student community together and provide guidance to many students in need.

The scheme is scheduled to run until February 2021 and is set up as a ‘peer to peer’ arrangement, pairing each student who has signed up with a buddy. Support will be provided remotely and each buddy will be in contact with their peer a couple of times a week, either by phone or video call, at a time which suits both students.

The scheme is open to all students, whether to get extra support or to be paired with a buddy. You can sign up to participate in this scheme and become a ‘Peer Buddy Volunteer’ on Volunteerhub.

All students can sign up to volunteer and no prior experience is required. Students will have the possibility to be matched based on their programme of study and their hobbies and interests.  

Volunteers will be trained to provide better support and will be able to guide students to university services. They will receive adult safeguarding training and attend an online briefing session so that they feel confident in their role.

On the other hand, if you need help navigating these uncertain times and are feeling isolated, please sign up to be matched with a buddy, as friendly fellow students are here to help!

Lucy Nichols

Lucy Nichols

Head news editor at the Mancunion.

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