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18th November 2020

In the Beauty Bag #3: Culture editor Georgina Davidson

A dive into the beauty struggles of a curly girl
In the Beauty Bag #3: Culture editor Georgina Davidson
Alexander Chi/Georgina Davidson @ The Mancunion
In the “Beauty Bag” Series takes a glance at the beauty secrets and decisions across The Mancunion Editorial team, This week we spoke to Our Culture Editor..
Name: Georgina Davidson
Age: 22
Degree: Arts Management, Cultural Policy and Practice
Degree year: 2
Do you stick to a beauty routine? 
I think beauty routines really depend on the person, and definitely change seasonally. In the summer months, I used more cleansing gels and oils to keep my skin hydrated.
In preparation for the winter, I focus on getting a quality, fragrance-free moisturiser and use a face mask once a week at night. This year, I have started using retinol for the first time too, which I have learned works better in the darker months.

What are your favourite skincare products?

CeraVe Body Lotion
Photo: Georgina Davidson @ The Mancunion


I am a bit of a skincare junkie who changes brands frequently, but I have some firm favourites that I always come back to. CeraVe has a fantastic all over body moisturiser and hydrating cleanser, which I use everyday. I have dry/combination skin which means the hyaluronic acid in this cream is really helpful in stopping dry patches.
My favourite face wash is Face Theory Vitamin C cream cleanser, which contains mandarin oil and smells so lovely – the products are also vegan-friendly and have active ingredients that help to prevent sun damage and city pollution – Always good news, especially in Manchester which can be so congested at times.
What are your favourite makeup products?
I don’t often wear makeup, but there are a few absolute staples which I use all the time. I love Glossier’s Lash Slick and Boy Brows, which I use everyday with a little Doctor Paw Paw lip balm.
For a night out my go-to red or pink tone lip colour is created using The Rouje Lip Palette in signature – a  quadrant of lipsticks that helps build a colour and is brilliant for someone who is a little indecisive about make-up. It’s lots of playing and blending; I never get the same colour twice, but it’s definitely a lot of fun!

Rouje Lipstick Palette
Anything you’re guilty of doing (or not doing)?
I am really guilty of not washing my face directly after a workout, which sounds very minor but it often leads to blocked pores, particularly on my chin. I also drink a lot of coffee, which can have positive impacts on my skin’s brightness and look. However, this surely adds to little circles under my eyes – I could probably do with getting more sleep too!
Are there any skin issues you struggle with?
My skin is quite dry, and when I get breakouts, they often form in one area around my mouth, which can be annoying. I think the problems stem from typing and touching my face – something that I am having to adjust to not doing during this pandemic.
Is there anything in particular you like to splurge on?
For a night out, I’ll use Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic cream, but that stuff is figurative gold dust: the smell and feel is really luxurious and perfect for the occasional treat. Definitely breaks the bank but it’s worth the investment.
On the contrary, is there anything that you think is not worth spending money on?
I used to really love Jeffrey Starr’s highlighter palettes and liquid velour lipsticks. But personally, they are very drying for my skin. The powder was also very clogging for my pores too, which meant I had some pretty angry blackheads when I used it.
How did you learn to do makeup?
My make-up inspiration comes from my auntie, who was the only woman in my family that really wore make-up, as both my mum and grandmother rarely wore any. She bought me my first lip gloss from Lancôme, (admittedly a strong first choice but completely based on an advert I had seen and been mesmerised by,) and taught me how to do a smokey eye and line my lids to match my eye shape. She also did my prom makeup, which gave me a little glamour despite how deep my tan was at the time.
What/who inspires you makeup-wise?
I am really inspired by Hollywood glamour and an effortlessly chic style. I often look to the make-up advice from Charlotte Tilbury and Lifestyle/Fashion influencer Jeanne Damas, the creator of Rouje, who constructs looks that revolve around a strong lipstick colour.
Do you like to play around with makeup? 
I enjoy playing around with my make-up style, but I could most definitely be more daring with my choices. I used to experiment with cat-eye flicks and quirky lip colours a few years ago. I also went through a chunky, dark eyebrow phase and had a highlighter obsession which thankfully I am now over – I literally highlighted the bridge of my nose like a Christmas reindeer!
                                                                   What are your favourite hair products?
Sebastian twisted curl foam.
Photo: Georgina Davidson @The Mancunion

I have cycled through quite a few different hair products because my curls never come out the same way and always need extra hydration. At the moment, I am using Wella Micellar shampoo, Nutri-rich conditioner, and then Sebastian twisted curl foam.

I am also a big fan of RedKen All Soft heavy cream, as it really revives the curl when my hair feels a little brittle.
Any beauty secrets?
Coconut Oil, which you can buy in a jar for £2 at Aldi, works wonders on my hair as an alternative to conditioner, and smells so good. It can also be really great if mixed into daily moisturising cream to give a nice dewy glow. Whatever product I use, this one will always remain a staple.
Is there a specific product that you are endlessly looking for and still haven’t found the perfect one?
I will always be on a search for the perfect hair mousse that leaves my hair soft and curly all night regardless of the weather. Perhaps I am asking for a lot? I rarely get anything I expect from my hair, I just tend to go with it, add more mousse, and hope for the best.
It seems that despite my best intentions, I always come home to find my hair looking completely different to when I stepped out in the morning. It’s a curly girl problem!

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