17th December 2020

In the Beauty Bag #4: Fashion Editor Daisy Bradbury

Fashion Editor Daisy talks through her beauty bag including budget beauty and her favourite products for creating natural makeup looks
In the Beauty Bag #4: Fashion Editor Daisy Bradbury
Photo: Daisy Bradbury @ The Mancunion

Name: Daisy Bradbury

Age: 20

Degree: English literature

Degree year: Third

Do you stick to a beauty routine?
I definitely try to but being in lockdown and hardly leaving the house has caused me to be more lenient with this. I have hardly worn makeup this year, although I still make a conscious effort to keep on top of my skincare routine and not neglect it.

What are your favourite makeup products?
I prefer more natural makeup looks these days, so my favourite products tend to be sheer, glowy foundations (Flower Beauty’s Light Illusion Foundation is my absolute favourite) and tinted brow gels. I’m also a massive fan of bronzers and blushers – my face looks dull and lifeless without a pop of colour!

What are your favourite skincare products?
I’m a huge fan of various products from The Ordinary – their range feels quite daunting and confusing at first but once you put in the research, it really pays off! I’m also a massive face mask fanatic and couldn’t go without them – they’re the ultimate self-care tool and my skin feels blessed because of them.

Sheet face masks
Photo: Daisy Bradbury @ The Mancunion

Anything you’re guilty of doing (or not doing?)
I definitely don’t wash my makeup brushes as often as I should! I know it’s kind of gross but I always forget, plus it feels like a massive chore that I don’t really have time for.

Are there any skin issues you struggle with?
Thankfully there aren’t at the moment; I feel like my skin has finally calmed down and stopped being as problematic. Although as soon as I say this, I can guarantee that I’ll have some spots brewing tomorrow morning!

Is there anything in particular you like to splurge on?
Honestly, not really! I’m a massive fan of budget beauty and feel like you can get some amazing products at the drugstore, so I never feel the need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on makeup or skincare.

On the contrary, is there anything that you think is not worth spending money on?
Mascaras, hands down. There are so many great ones available in Boots and Superdrug so I could never see the point in buying an expensive one, especially when they dry up so quickly. I’m currently using a £4 Technic mascara that works miracles for my eyelashes, I’d highly recommend it!

Technic mega lash mascara waterproof
Photo: Daisy Bradbury @ The Mancunion

How did you learn to do makeup?
My mum used to do my makeup for parties and special occasions when I was younger, so I figured out how to apply makeup and what products work best for me through her. I also grew up watching tons of makeup tutorials on Youtube and experimenting from there.

Do you like to play around with makeup?
I used to love playing around with makeup and trying some cool, creative looks. These days, I prefer to keep it much simpler and I often find myself sticking to my tried-and-tested holy grail items. Although I’ll admit that if I have an excuse to do my makeup and go out, you’ll find me getting ready hours beforehand surrounded by a sea of products.

What are your favourite hair products?
Dry shampoo – I genuinely couldn’t live without it! My hair gets greasy incredibly fast and it’s both time-consuming and damaging to wash it constantly, so this is an absolute lifesaver for me.

Any beauty secrets?
I don’t know if it’s really a secret but I’ve stopped doing the Instagram-esque triangle concealing technique and instead just opt for a small dot in the corner of my eye and another on the outer edge. This focuses the product where it’s needed rather than the heavy, cakey look that creating big triangles of product under your eyes can cause.

Is there a specific product that you are endlessly looking for and still haven’t found the perfect one?
I’d love to find a pair of false eyelashes that work perfectly for my eye shape. I have really small eyes that are also downturned, so finding a lash that I don’t have to cut up or that doesn’t make my eyes look droopy feels impossible. I’m also not the best at sticking them on, so I’m really tempted to try the magnetic eyeliner false eyelashes and see how they work.

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Daisy Bradbury

Daisy Bradbury

Fashion Editor

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