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27th February 2021

Who Killed the Lollipop Man?

The online murder mystery mission based in Manchester that will help beat the lockdown boredom
Who Killed the Lollipop Man?
Unsolved Online Creations

Become Manchester’s most revered detective by getting involved in a brand new, ongoing interactive murder mystery. ‘Unsolved Online Productions’ invites you, your friends, family, cat, and John from down the road, to get involved their exciting new initiative ‘The Lollipop Man?’

On January 21st, 2000, Martin Morris the local lollipop man was found dead. The case was closed and remains unsolved to this day. 21 years later, the casefiles have burst back open and ‘Unsolved Online Productions’ needs you to solve it.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, a new suspect interview is released on their YouTube channel at 7:30pm with each video ranging from 5-15 minutes, giving you the chance to meet the suspects. New clues are released throughout the week with all interviews, clues, evidence and round-up articles being uploaded to their blog, Facebook and Twitter page.

Work together and connect with others to solve the mystery of the lollipop man. This will definitely spice up your video-calls by having something other to report than which cereal you ate this morning. If we collectively put our heads together, I’m sure we can unravel it!

Three suspect interviews have been released, 145 people have signed up to be jury members and £735 has been raised. It’s new, it’s exciting and everyone wants to be a part of it, so sign up via this link –

Once signed up, you receive a detective pack which holds all the information you will need to join. The sign-up link is at the bottom of the page.

Since the first national lockdown in March 2020 John O’Neill (Creative Director and founder of Up Ere Productions, writer, actor, producer) and Stacey Harcourt (Doctors (BBC), Emmerdale (ITV), Kaleigh’s Love Story) have been working hard to #keeptheatrealive by creating The Breakfast Club and raising thousands of punts for the theatres and creatives of Greater Manchester.

Now in the Lockdown 3.0 they have created and produced this whole project with John taking control of the writing and creating the story and script. You have the amazing opportunity to witness some great writing from a professional writer and producer.

You can also help with the project’s fundraising by contributing to their JustGiving page. It’s a pay what you can basis with a recommended donation of £5-10 which will be used to split between all creatives involved to value them for their work in creating The Lollipop Man?

For further enquiries go to: [email protected]

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