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2nd March 2021

POC around the block 5: Dominique Crick

Columnist Anna Jin talks to Dominique Crick, whose slogan t-shirt brand is encouraging kindness and positivity
POC around the block 5: Dominique Crick
Photo: Dominique Crick

In this series, our columnist Anna Jin brings attention to the unique and talented people of colour working in fashion.

The pandemic and political polarisation have left many of us with ‘compassion fatigue’, as we are finding it increasingly difficult to be considerate towards ourselves and others. 

Dominique Crick’s slogan t-shirt brand is encouraging us to do exactly that. Her mood-boosting, tie-dye prints and joyful messages are injecting some much-needed positivity into our lives.

Dominique is the founder of The Pelican & The Rose, a clothing and lifestyle brand based in South Wales that is striving to spread “kindness, empowerment and love” with its garments.

The name of her brand pays homage to Dominique’s mixed-race heritage. She is half-British and half-Bajan, which is commemorated through the image of the pelican (the national bird of Barbados) and the English rose.

Photo: Dominique Crick
Photo: Dominique Crick

Dominique has never been a fashion lover: “I was the type of person who would pop on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and joggers and just get on with it”, she says with a laugh. 

However, she understands how fashion can be a way for people to express their values. This is especially the case for a slogan tee – this wardrobe staple can instantly showcase what you’re thinking and feeling to the world. 

After struggling with anxiety herself, she is eager to use this empowering form of clothing to spread kindness. She knows from personal experience how assisting others in feeling good also helps herself, and a simple act of kindness can really go a long way.

She wants to use The Pelican & The Rose to share this message with others. Judging from the brand’s success and loyal customer base, it’s a message that many can relate to and desperately need in a time of global struggle.

On her view on kindness, Dominique says: “Sometimes I just feel like this world is completely on fire, and it’s really important to teach our kids and people around us that it is important to be kind to others.”

“While you can disagree with people, that doesn’t matter because everyone has differing opinions, which I actually think is a beautiful thing.” 

Photo: Dominique Crick
Photo: Dominique Crick

Dominique comes up with most of her joyful slogans herself, each one aligning with her ethos. “There is no point for me to put a slogan on a top that I wouldn’t actually wear and that I believe in,” she says.

The first slogan that she created for her brand was “Be Kind Always”, which embodies her brand identity and personal mantra. 

One current bestseller is the slogan “Be a Nice Human” printed in rainbow colours, which comes in either plain white or tie-dye t-shirts, and can also be purchased as a mug. 

The Pelican & The Rose’s products can be ordered via their website, and they can also be found on Instagram.

Anna Jin

Anna Jin

Instagram & Twitter: @annahanjin

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