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At home nail art

Homemade nail art: Trendy designs you can recreate yourself

Even though trips to the nail salon are currently on halt, nail inspiration has been flooding our feeds. Perhaps with quarantine, people have had an increasing thirst for extravagance and what else says “extra” than fabulously intricate art at the tip of your fingers. In 2021, nail art is definitely a must, every Instagram model and blogger is rocking look after look and you can hop on the trend too. While we patiently wait for salons to re-open on the 12th of April, here are some trendy nail art looks that you can re-create at home with some basic tools and a bit of determination. 

  1. Cow print

Animal prints, in general, are trending across the fashion and beauty world, and cow print rules king among them which is perfect since it might just be the easiest to re-create at home in the form of nail art. To create the look, apply a black or white base and create some imperfect specs in the opposing colour, and voila!

  1. Hearts 

While Valentine’s day might be long gone, heart nail art isn’t going anywhere, and conveniently, it is quite easy to pull off. After having applied a base layer, use a Q-tip to create two dots next to each other, and then connect them at the bottom to achieve this adorable look. 

  1. Flowers 

Big flower prints are going to be huge in the upcoming season and you can hop on the trend by creating flowers on your nails with the help of a bobby pin. Use soft pinks, yellows, and whites for a cottage-core look or bright popping colours for a cheerful seventies throwback look.  

  1. Palette of pinks 

Many of us have too many nail polishes to count and here is an idea to utilise your collection: paint each of your nails a different shade (or mix a base shade with increasing amounts of white to achieve an ombre effect) the more the merrier and the brighter the better. You can recycle the idea for other colours: browns are also quite trendy this season. 

  1. Ying Yang 

Ying Yang is both visually powerful and surprisingly easy to re-create at home since it doesn’t have to be perfect to look good. Just use a Q-tip to help you create the design. It will, of course, look great in black and white, but to be truly on-trend, opt for a colourful palette. 

  1. Half-half 

Half-half, specifically in the brightest colours imaginable, is incredibly easy to achieve and will look amazing no matter the colour combo you choose. To achieve the look, just use some basic tape to help you create a clean line, it doesn’t get simpler!

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