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10th April 2021

Abbie Ozard has us all longing for an endless summer

Contributor Alannah Williams delivers a dive into the latest EP offering from Abbie Ozard ‘Lets Play Pretend’
Abbie Ozard has us all longing for an endless summer
Abbie Ozard Let’s Play Pretend EP. Photo: Charlotte Rudd

Beachy indie princess Abbie Ozard has released her perfect-for-teen-movies four track EP Let’s Play Pretend. Including four tales of brilliantly 90’s infused pop, the project tells the sordid tale of pretending you’re the main character – when in reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Throughout 2020, Ozard dropped a plethora of singles, including the playful ‘Crocodile Tears‘. This, unsurprisingly, only built up excitement and anticipation for her upcoming EP. Glimmering with bright and colourful pre-millennia bops, and a penchant for delving into the world of teen anxieties and intrepid social navigations, the EP offers a wonderful escapism through her bubbly vocals and wistful observations.

Wonderfully relatable and wholly fantastic, truthful tales of your twenties come a plenty and resonate on an entirely new level.

Abbie Ozard supporting WhenYoung at Manchester Gorilla.
Photography Credits: Lana Williams

Opening with ‘Pink Sky (Endless Summer)’, the EP starts off with the romanticisation of a love-lorn relationship. It leaves you longing for a blistering hot summer. Shoegaze guitar lines and dazzling vocals offer a blissful escapism and set off the deep dive into illusionary lyrics and false narratives.

Following on is dream-pop masterpiece ‘TV Kween’. Accompanied by rose-tinted visuals, Ozard dabbles in romantic insecurity. She does so in a beautifully vulnerable way that tackles the difficulties of aspiring to be someone, and the constant struggle of comparing yourself to others. The montage of airy sounds juxtaposes the gloomy outlook, oozing character and undeniable talent.

Who wouldn’t want to be the main character in a Tarantino movie?

‘True Romance’ offers a scarily accurate observation into a situation we’ve all found ourselves in (don’t deny it). Staring out of the car window in summer, windows down, a soft breeze tangling your hair, and music blaring from the stereo. You zone out and pretend you’re straight out of a movie scene – don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The tinged guitar effects Ozard employs fit perfectly with her Tarantino inspired video style. She coolly embraces 90’s themes in a completely flawless manner. Who wouldn’t want to be the main character in a Tarantino movie?

‘Breakdowns’, the final track on the EP, is an observational piece that gives a gleam behind the glittery peach curtain, and gives an insight into the mind of the master behind the lyrics. Delivering a wider range than its precursors, Ozard flexes her ability to break down barriers in a truly delightful nature, by exposing the reality of living a life online. The sonically complex laced synth bass cleverly mask the darker undertones of the track, offering the perfect end to her latest creation.

The EP ends with a stunning emotional climax, beautifully and pristinely capturing the trials and tribulations of youth, the struggles of navigating impossible social situations, and the enticing nature of daydreaming and illusionary fantasies. The rising star is perfectly placed among fellow pop-princesses Phoebe Green and Lauren Hibberd. All of whom offer glittering introspection into the mundanity and tribulations of battling through your adolescent years.

The perfect backdrop for any teen summer, this EP deserves nothing less than a glittering five stars.

The EP is available to pre-order from Abbie Ozard’s store. It is pressed on a pink 7″ vinyl with the option to get a personalised signature. The vinyl is due for release 07/05/2021.

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