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Girl Clout: Fresh Punk from Fresh Punks

London based punxs Fresh have produced another exciting single with ‘Girl Clout’. This two minute powerhouse builds on their two past albums ‘Withdraw’ and ‘Fresh’. The single is poignant and perfectly timed for the current political climate. ‘Girl Clout’ and its messages fit excelently into the Mancunion’s coverage of the Women in Media conference.

‘Girl Clout’ is a track about performative male activism, being used and feeling held back. Lyricist and guitarist Katheryn details her and Fresh’s experience of bands taking advantage of her as a female artist to seem ‘woke’. The single is honest, raw and fast. Up and comers Fresh certainly may feel unrecognised but they far from deserve it.

“I didn’t pour my heart out for you to fancy me!”

The track features fun guitar riffs, power chords and wailing distortions that floats atop a snare focused drum pattern. ‘Girl Clout’s fills are tight and form the perfect platform for the tracks highlight – Katheryn’s vocals. “I want to be the best” she declares with determination you can hear from the first listen.

This is very much Katheryn’s experience, being the only female member of the band. Yet, it is an experience that she owns. The track is a declaration of having had enough in Fresh’s own way. Paced perfectly it’s a guaranteed fan favourite come live shows.

Fresh are still criminally unrecognised but growing fast. They are also a perfect example of the interconnectivity of London’s music scene. Members of the band also form parts of the projects CheerBleederz and Me Rex. Cheerbleederz being a three piece made up itself of members of Happy Accidents and Finish Flag. Me Rex is a four piece that also includes members of Cheerbleederz and Happy Accidents again being yet another avenue these artists explore together.

Fresh bring a feeling of the riotgrrrl scene into 2021 in a way that other bands simply cannot. Spanning genres, tempos and instruments the band offer a variety many larger bands would envy.

‘Girl Clout’ is quantified energy, not whiney it is honest and stylised. A genuine account of the challenges Fresh face, while still being an interesting and enjoyable listen. A positive result of negative experiences and I look forward to seeing what this band do post-lockdown.

Other must listens include: ‘Revenge’; ‘New Girl’ and ‘Cinema Woes’.

You can listen to Girl Clout here:

Fresh – Girl Clout

You can also support Fresh, Cheerbleederz and Me Rex on bandcamp here!

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