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7th May 2021

Pops Sarnies: A packed lunch with a conscience

There’s a new sandwich business on campus offering students a packed. lunch for just £2 with all profits going to charity
Pops Sarnies: A packed lunch with a conscience
Photo: @pops.sarnies

Final year Accounting and Finance student Josh Hay has started a new packed lunch business called ‘Pops Sarnies’. Students can pick up a homemade sandwich from campus for just £2 with all profits going to Manchester Central Foodbank.

Josh realised that many students studying in the library and on campus were spending up to £7 on meal deals from supermarkets and cafes. He decided that he could make something much cheaper for students whilst also giving back to help those in need.

Photo: @pops.sarnies

Wondering what flavour sandwiches are on offer?

Pops Sarnies are branching out with lots of new sandwich combos from your classic ham, cheese, tomato and lettuce to some new flavours including fresh avocado, bacon and a homemade honey and mustard dressing! And let me tell you…they are delicious!

Photo: Jess Walmsley

During the pandemic there has been an increase in those relying on food banks due to job losses and economic declines. So, by buying just one sandwich from Pops Sarnies, you can help someone else make their lunch.

“It’s a win win situation, students can save some money and buy a cheaper lunch, and the money is donated to an amazing cause”

Josh Hay, founder of Pops Sarnies

Pops Sarnies will be running for another five weeks until the end of exams, and here’s how you can order one:

  • Follow @pops.sarnies on Instagram
  • Fill out the google form with the list of potential sandwich flavours before 7pm for next day sandwich pick up
  • Transfer £2 through PayPal
  • Meet Josh on campus to pick up your lunch

So far, Josh has sold approximately 70 sandwiches a week and hopes that by the end of the next five weeks he will be able to donate up to £600 to Manchester Central Foodbank.

Jess Walmsley

Jess Walmsley

Editor-in-Chief 21/22

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