2nd June 2021

Mr Jukes and Barney Artist chatting live for ‘The Locket’

Having just announced a new collaborative album Mr Jukes (Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle club) and Barney Artist sit down with Music Editor Reece Ritchie and Alannah Williams for the Mancunion
Mr Jukes and Barney Artist chatting live for ‘The Locket’
Photo by Josh Shinner – Barney Artist and Mr Jukes

In an unexpected and completely delightful collaborative turn, Mr Jukes (Bombay Bicycle Club) and Barney artist have teamed up to produce a new album. This is for sure what is set to be the most exciting joint full-length effort of 2021. ‘The Locket’, featuring 10 carefully mastered tracks is set for release July 2nd. Already without teasing us with a handful of earworms to get us in gear.

You can feel the connection between these two London artists just through a single chat withthem. Jackmentioning he discovered Barney through a playlist he created to test headphones of all things. He still remembers just how much he resonated with Barney’s sound after a single listen. Check out ‘Space’ to get that same feeling.

“I was working in the jean shop when I got the message”

Thoughout lockdown the duo have been in the same Covid “Bubble”. They tell tales of meeting eachother’s families and sharing food showing this is really a bond that feels like family. In a time that’s been such a hinderence for so many it feels like the pair is welcoming you into their musical home.

‘Blowing Steam (Open Up Your Mind)’ is the first single to be released from the upcoming collaborative album, The Locket. The importance of the first release is paramount – it sets the tone and gives fans an insight into what to expect. BS(OUYM) just so happens the be the first track that Barney and Mr Jukes (Jack Steadman) recorded together for the full-length effort.

After a short collaborative hiatus since Barney’s feature on ‘God First’, it’s a delight to see the boys back working together.

The locket is a family affair”

‘Jack played me the beat for blowing steam, and it just really resonated with me… it was that freedom of just vibes and energy’, divulged Barney. Their decision to work together almost seems like a sonic ‘love at first sight’. We certainly believe we’re all the better for it.

Releasing ‘Blowing Steam’ as the debut single came as a joint decision. Both artists deciding that it acted as the perfect taster for what’s to come with the rest of the album.

‘Blowing Steam’ is wildly charismatic and blissfully breezy with a jazz-infused touch. Uplifting and wholly essential in these unequivocal times, Barney and Mr Jukes’ undeniable sonic chemistry shines through in the well-blended and mastered sounds that ooze from every lyric and beat.

‘Vibrate’, the latest track offering a preview of their upcoming endeavour, is a mellow and effortless cut, with sleek vocals from Barney, and Mr Jukes love of jazz shining through. Smooth, meaningful and entirely wonderful, the pairs relationship is cemented through the visuals shot at Alton Towers (all the while attempting to tackle Barney’s fear of rollercoasters).

The two are truly there for each other, and not just on a sonic level.

“Anyone on the album, we had to have a relationship with”

‘Check the Pulse’ includes an additional feature of Kofi Stone, and this additional additional voice fits perfectly into the blend of Barney Artists rythm. At no point does his intanation, flow and timing not complimenting Barney’s. All while Jukes provides an almost lofi hummed backing element.

‘Check the Pulse’ will get you moving and proves well in advance of the albums release that Barney and Jukes chemistry provides an excellent foundation for anyone that joins them in the studio.

You can watch the entire interview here on the Manchester Media Group’s interview page!

Live and Uncut here!

Check out the single Blowin Steam on spotify here!

Reece Ritchie

Reece Ritchie

Reece is the Mancunion’s Music Editor, leading the team covering Manchester’s music scene and beyond. He is also an editor at Music Is To Blame, an independent music publications and has written words for WHATWESPEW the Manchester punk collective. Now Head Rep for the record label Scruff of the Neck and the host of The Northwest Emo Show he continues to deliver articles on the very best music Manchester and the UK has to offer. He also features his own photography within his articles, working with the likes of Slowthai, Enter Shikari and Wargasm.

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