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Who the hell are The Hara?

Fresh off of their super successful live stream gig the Mancunion wanted to revisit our music editor Reece Ritchie’s interview catching up with The Hara over the summer for his Fuse FM show The NorthWest Emo Show.

From performing over lockdown online, to their viral Tik Toks, to festival appearances at the Download Pilot and more The Hara have undeniably been killing it this year. One of Scruff of the necks most recent signings I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh, Jack and Zack over the summer.

We spoke just before they played Sheffield’s Tramlines festival still at the stage of government pilot events for concerts and festivals and they were ecstatic. There were few other bands simply as elated to be performing again as the alternative trio! We talked their Download set, Josh’s PVC dress and his near decision not to adorn the statement piece. Moving to cover their Scruff of the Neck signing, what they hope to do with the future and what to expect from the upcoming Play Dead tour.

What’s next for The Hara?

The band talked me through one of their most recent releases ‘Afterlife’ and the direction the band hope to take their music in future. What astonished me is just how well The Hara’s music transfers to a live audience. A good festival performance requires not just an entertaining band but also encapsulating tunes – both of which The Hara hold in abundance. With flashes of fire behind him Josh not only directs but commands the stage, every eye falls on him. How he manages to hold this attention so well through an entire set all whilst singing is beyond me.

One of my biggest revelations from the interview was that all three guys studied at BIMM in Manchester and their larger-than-life performances are Manchester born and bred. There is no where else on the planet other than Manchester that this band could come from, electric in their alternativeness – wired on passion they were a joy to behold at Donnington Park earlier this year.

A credit to the city they kick of their next tour dubbed Play Dead on the 9th of October in Birmingham. Already set to play next years Download festival in Donnington Park The Hara headline Manchester Academy 3 on Sunday the 17th of October. Already sold out this red-hot gig is undeniably going to impress and I envy anyone with a ticket.

“Could The Hara come from anywhere other than Manchester?”

The most revealing part of our interview however was the moment where I ask the band if they could’ve come from anywhere other than Manchester. You could feel their pride as they shouted “NO!!” at me, a pride felt by every student that chooses to study at Manchester and something that got me as excited about thee band as their music did!

You can watch us discuss what they’d like to watch in future, their inspirations style and more online.

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