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Drink spiking on the rise in Manchester

Students have voiced concern over a rise in spiking across bars in Manchester.

The majority of people who have been recently affected by drink spiking are students and they have taken to social media to warn people of the specific bars they have been spiked in.

Comments from those who have been spiked in Manchester have risen in numbers over the past month and bars are beginning to take notice.

256 Wilmslow Road, a popular student bar pick in Fallowfield, have announced that they will be providing free anti-drug bottle-stops & lids with all drinks.

Drink Aware and alternative spiking information sources recommend checking the colour of your drink, especially for any hints of blue which could be a signal your drink has been tampered with. Other changes to your drink might be whether it is cloudy, has excessive bubbles or fizzing, or tastes different such as more bitter or salty.

If you notice any of these changes report it to a member of staff and do not carry on drinking said drink or any other alcoholic beverages.

Signs to look out for in other people are if they have trouble speaking or staying focused, they find it difficult to stand up and can’t hold their balance, have blurred vision, feel extremely nauseous, feel as though they are hallucinating, disorientated or paranoid, experience memory loss or blackout.

If you think someone has been spiked you need to stay with them at all times, tell a member of staff or trusted person, seek medical attention and call an ambulance if their condition deteriorates. Never leave them unattended.

More information can be found on

The Mancunion are currently leading a full investigation into the increase of drink spiking amongst the student community.

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