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14th October 2021

Black Milk: The world of cakes, shakes and pancakes galore

Black Milk is the cafe to go if you need a sweet treat to brighten a dull day! From pancakes to freak shakes and huge slices of cake, Black Milk has will cater for everyone.
Black Milk: The world of cakes, shakes and pancakes galore
Photo : Black Milk

Black Milk is the place to be if you want to indulge in the world of pancakes, milkshakes, cakes and anything else which can be topped with whipped cream! 

Whether you fancy classic dessert combinations of the well known Lotus Biscoff or Oreo cookies and cream or feel like trying one of Black Milk’s signature specials, there is something for everyone on the menu. 

Decadent plates of food are brought to you by Black Milk’s team and your face is sure to drop when you admire the tower of pancakes brought over, jaw-dropping if you also order a shake to go alongside and suddenly wonder if your stomach can really finish everything in front of you. 

Fear not however as Black Milk will box anything you want to finish off later!

Photo : Black Milk

Black Milk has gone viral on social media many times for their enticing shots of the signature desserts menu because come on, who doesn’t love desserts?

Andy the founder of Black Milk, spoke to The Mancunion, reminiscing on the days he learnt to bake with his grandma and talking about the nostalgia of desserts.  Especially the simple treat of ice cream by the seaside. 

Everyone is catered for in the pink hub of Black Milk whether you’re vegan or gluten-free or just want an alternative to a bar on a Saturday night, they are here and open to everyone. 

Black Milk is re-inventing the typical dessert, entering this cafe is committing yourself to the experience  Black Milk offer, whether celebrating a birthday, coming for a romantic first date or brunch with friends, the one-stop dessert shop has it all and welcomes groups in with open arms.  

For students, Andy is former MMU alumni and caters to the student community. Black Milk offers 2 for £12 on pancakes and has partnered with university groups to lead pop-up events in the city giving them valuable events and marketing experience. 

Students may also like to know the best budget buy in Black Milk, The Mancunion’s tip to save money would be to share a plate of pancakes as believe us, they are huge!  

Black Milk is also a good place to note for any birthday presents. They sell their signature spreads and sauces by the bottle which makes a sweet gift for any dessert lover, spread it on toast, top your ice cream or just use a spoon?

Photo : Black Milk

The spreads range between £4.95 – £5.45 and sauces cost £5.95 per bottle.

With a dazzling disco ball hanging, noughties tunes playing and an abundance of plants and of course the endless options of fantastical, exciting dessert picks,  Black Milk is a must-go when discovering the Northern Quarter.

Jess Walmsley

Jess Walmsley

Editor-in-Chief 21/22

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