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10th November 2021

Gossip Girl reboot is preppy perfection

Writer Maia Penny delves into the new trends shown in the new Gossip Girl reboot. From tote bags to pleated skirts, we’ve got you covered.
Gossip Girl reboot is preppy perfection
Photo credit: A Xin

Good morning Upper East Siders (or rather Mancunians). Gossip Girl here, your one and only source for the latest in preppy fashion trends. The uniform-chic style is coming in hot following the reboot of the 2000s classic teen drama Gossip Girl.

The show has been revamped with a completely new cast and wardrobe. The costumes are designed by Eric Daman, the designer on the original programme which first aired in 2007. Daman has taken a very 2021 approach to the Constance Billard uniforms of Gossip Girl. The original show’s characters never had much regard for the school’s dress code, and the new cohort is no different. Whilst the uniforms feature the basic elements of schoolwear, each character has their own unique interpretation. Elements that have stuck around from the original are bouclé, plaid, pussy bow shirts, neck scarves, and pleated skirts. New additions include cool trainers, hoodies, biker shorts, and smaller ‘it’ bags like the Louis Vuitton ‘Papillon’ and iconic Dior ‘Saddle Bag’. 

Many of their looks are more casual and pared back in comparison to the overzealous noughties creations featured in the original Gossip Girl. The lack of headbands and giant tote bags (which were carried around by the girls in every episode) give a more effortlessly cool and modern take on those same preppy elements. The styling of the show indicates the real-life evolution of the elite’s fashion choices.

Photo Credit: Zach Miles

Julien Calloway, the it-girl influencer of Constance Billard in the 2021 reboot, combines street style elements with classic preppy looks, swapping plaid skirts for biker shorts. She offers cool and casual outfits, but makes sure to include designer pieces to signify her status, mirroring the modern style of the ‘influencer’.

On the other end of the spectrum, Julien’s best friend Audrey Hope represents a more classic ‘old money’ inspired style. Although she’s ditched the headband, she still embodies the academic spirit with pieces in checkered pattern, neck scarves, oversized knitwear, and a pair of to-die-for heeled loafers. She keeps everything in a cohesive colour palette of whites, creams, blacks, greens, and blues.

Zoya Lott is the newbie and much less affluent than the rest of her peers. Her uniform look reflects the fact that she’s younger than the other main characters; she wears plaid pinafore dresses with white socks. In comparison to Julien, she has a noticeable lack of designer pieces. She prefers a tote bag to an expensive leather number, making her looks the perfect style inspiration for anyone wanting to recreate the Gossip Girl aesthetic on a student budget.

Julien’s other two best friends Luna La and Monet de Haan stay the most true to the looks on the original show. These characters represent an unwillingness to keep up with the times, which is naturally reflected in their fashion choices. Think tweed sets, Chanel logos, and adorable berets.

The preppy look featured heavily on the runways of Autumn 2021: collars, ruffles, and blazers were everywhere. Dior’s FW21 couture show featured a lot of tweed, even down to the boots. Their ready-to-wear collection included large headbands, red plaid, and pearl collars- none of which would look out of place on a character from Gossip Girl. Valentino’s ready-to-wear collection carried the prominent cut-out trend of 2021 effortlessly into knitwear with jumpers slashed in an argyle pattern. These pieces epitomise the ‘edged up’ uniform aesthetic of the Gossip Girl reboot.

This style can be easily recreated. Take a leaf out of the Gossip Girl gang’s book and wear a shirt with the collar visible over your blazer. Pair it with a plaid skirt or biker shorts, and maybe a necktie if you’re feeling brave for a chic, academic-inspired ensemble. If you want something more edgy, try putting a twist on the classic preppy look with a cut-out piece. Whether it be a mesh top peeking out from underneath, or tights with rips, reinterpretations of classic looks are the epitome of autumn coolness…

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