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8th March 2022

The SU Fashion Show is here – everything you need to know

We give you the low down on all the information you need to know about the charity event hosted by the Student Union taking place on April 25th
The SU Fashion Show is here – everything you need to know
Photo: Manchester School of Art

In collaboration with RAG, the Student Union are organising a ticketed charity event involving fashion, music and fun. The event will consist of a swap shop, a live fashion show, music from DJs, bands and Fuse FM and a silent auction. The event will be held on April 25th and is open to both students and non-students!

How does the swap shop work?

Students will donate clothes prior to the event and will be given a token for each item they donate. This token can then be swapped for an item of clothing at the swap shop which will take place after the event. Swap shops are a great opportunity to not only find a fun item of clothing, but to shop more sustainably. It is also a super handy way for students on a budget to save their money, get rid of unworn clothes and still enjoy that sweet serotonin of receiving a new clothing item!

The catwalk

Manchester Fashion Week
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Some of the clothes donated to the swap show will be used to dress the models who will walk down a catwalk during the event. You can watch models strut their stuff in all kinds of fun, interesting outfits.

Get inspiration for your own fashion ideas and unleash your inner fashion critic as you look at all the outfit combinations. If you donate clothes, you might even catch your own clothing item on stage!

The silent auction

After the catwalk, bands will perform and people can bid for the items of clothes they have just seen in the silent auction. The highest bidders will then be announced and will be able to go home with the item of clothing they wanted. All the profits of the show go to charity, so bare that in mind during the auction and you could make a really positive impact (and be the winner of a cute item of clothing).

What societies are involved?

Staff vs Students Quiz Night | StaffNet | The University of Manchester
University of Manchester

The event is in association with RAG, so RAG are helping with funding the event. The Thrift Society and Fashion Society are both helping with the organisation of the event with the Thrift Soc providing clothes and the Fashion Soc providing models. So if you want to get involved in anyway, hit them up ASAP!

Where does your ticket money go?

The SU are getting students to pick between 4 charities: 2 which support Ukrainians affected by the war, Choose Love and the British Red Cross. Students are able to vote at the Help Desk with tokens Monday 7th-11th!

Tickets will be made available on the Student Union website soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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