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26th March 2022

Do ya think I’m a girlboss?

Rod Stewart: road maintenance worker today, girl boss icon always. Read how you too can feel by an unapologetic attitude and a pair of hot pants
Do ya think I’m a girlboss?
Photo: Joe Bielawa @ Wikimedia Commons

Is Rod Stewart our next feminist icon?

In case you were unaware it is currently Women’s History Month. This is a time to inspire and celebrate the different women in our lives through reflecting on women’s history, and looking towards a female future. In light of this, I would like to celebrate the history of a figure who is sadly majorly unrepresented in our society: the straight white man. But not just any straight white man, Rod Stewart.

So, you may have noticed a little irony there, and you would be correct. However, I truly believe that Rod Stewart has the makings of being the next girl boss icon. After all, it is said in the girl boss bible, (that I’ve just invented) “In the beginning Maya Angelou created the phenomenal woman, and then Rod Stewart taught her she didn’t need permission to fill in her own potholes”.

Which brings me to my first point.  In the news recently you may be aware of shocking infrastructural damage causing life-threatening physical and emotional harm to local victims. The bombs being dropped on Ukraine? No. The devastating state of potholed roads in Essex.

No need to fear though, dear reader, as our maverick leader Rod Stewart took to these very roads. The man took it upon himself to fix the problem. They told him he couldn’t do it. They told him he shouldn’t do it. They told him he could “put people at risk” by doing it. But he did it anyway. After all, how else is he supposed to drive his Ferrari, the top down and music up, and truly live his music video dreams?

So, in aid of Women’s History Month, don’t be afraid to fill in your own potholes, physical or otherwise, because how else are you supposed to smoothly drive your metaphorical Ferrari?

Secondly, in 1978 Rod Stewart released a song called ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ Judging by his hot pants in the music video, this was a rhetorical question.

As a woman myself, I often find myself looking in the mirror, standing in front of friends, posting on Instagram, and constantly thinking do I look good in this? But Rod Stewart, he didn’t need an answer. It was not a duet. Rod Stewart sang a whole song asking, ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ without evidence of so much as one niggling doubt that he was. So, next time you are doubting whether someone thinks you are sexy, follow Rod Stewart’s lead and put on some hot pants, grab a microphone, and make that question rhetorical.

Finally, Rod Stewart is now the grand old age of 77 and not slowing down for a second. At the recent Cheltenham races, Rod was seen absolutely off his face. His stunning Loose Women presenter wife Penny Lancaster was in tow. Penny herself was seen lifting up the winning jockey and Rod was seen kissing Penny on a not entirely appropriate part of her shirt. I like to see this as the embodiment of the girl boss gospel “you do you boo”.

Rod did not care that the cameras were watching. Or that eyes were judging. In fact, judging by the look of the pictures he didn’t seem to care about what the horses were doing either. The only thing that Rod did seem to care about was having a good time. And that’s girl boss lesson number one. 

To conclude, I believe that Rod Stewart is the next girl boss icon. He doesn’t ask permission to enact change. He just does it. And, a lot of the time,  he does it wearing questionably tight hot pants. So, in aid of Women’s History Month, do not be afraid to be the phenomenal women you are (or if you do not identify as a woman, to embrace your inner feminine strength).

Most importantly, be like Rod Stewart and don’t let any potholes get in the way of your Ferrari.

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