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31st March 2022

Faculty changes upcoming at UoM

Who will be the next Chancellor? Will eduroam finally work? The new staffing changes at UoM may influence you
Faculty changes upcoming at UoM
Photo: Paul Campbell

Nominations for the University of Manchester’s new chancellor closed on March 28. The current Chancellor, Lemn Sissay OBE’s term will end on July 31 2022. He has been the Chancellor of the University since August 2015.

It was intended that voters would have the opportunity to vote for his replacement in May, with the voting opening on May 9 and closing on May 23. However, only one nomination met the criteria for the role, who is now being considered by the Board Nominations Committee.

The Chancellor role is described by UoM as “the ceremonial head of and vital ambassador for the University, working with the President and Vice-Chancellor and other senior officers to promote the University”.

Candidates for the role must have support of at least 20 members of the University community in order to stand.

This is not the only restructuring occurring at UoM though, with a new director of IT services, Patrick Hemmaway, set to join the University from July 4, 2022. He has previously spent 25 years in IT roles, including being part of IT operation for 11 years in NYU Abu Dhabi.

The sports department is also being restructured to include a “one team approach”, in response to a recent review of how UoM can “best meet the needs of students, staff and local community”. This is set to effect job descriptions as well as organisational structures, and is indication of UoM continuing “ongoing, meaningful engagement with colleagues at all levels”, according to the university.



This is an updated version of a previous article with the following changes:

  • Students will not be voting in elections
  • Only one nomination has met the required criteria for the Chancellor elections, who will be considered by the Board Nominations Committee
  • Sport is a department not a faculty

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