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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

//Breaking: Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday More

The Grand Tour: University news around the UK

Cardiff University goes back on plans to cancel individual graduation

Cardiff students will get an individual graduation after the university went back on its plan to have a group ceremony in the Cardiff Principality Stadium. University bosses reinstated the in-person, on-campus graduation after a petition reached 5,000 signatures protesting the decision.

Hamas Slogan Controversy at Exeter University

Protesters who used slogans previously by terrorist’s organisation Hamas, were not anti-Semitic, University administrators have ruled. The move comes after universities minister Michelle Donelan expressed concern over antisemitism with the National Union of Students.

New medic-centred school to be opened by Cumbria and Imperial in North-West

A new University to aid in the training of doctors in the North West has been unveiled. The 50-student school would be open on the University of Cumbria campus, opening in the Autumn of 2025. The location is to address a deficit in the area of facilities to train medical students.

Warwick and Cardiff to ban initiations after investigation

Warwick and Cardiff University will ban initiation ceremonies after The Tab‘s investigation showed the extent of extreme initiation ceremonies. The investigation revealed that some students had been locked in cupboards for extended periods of time whilst others had to vandalise public property.

UK and Ukrainian universities to be partnered in new scheme

UK and Ukrainian universities are to be matched as partnered institutions in an effort to aid Ukrainian staff, academics and students during the war. The scheme will look to secure long-term collaboration with Ukrainian institutions in order for academics to be able to teach students, and give students opportunities beyond the war.

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