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26th April 2022

Which Bridgerton character are you?

Check out our quiz to find out which Bridgerton character you are!
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Which Bridgerton character are you?
Photo: Pip Carew @ The Mancunion

I do say… the latest series of Bridgerton has got us all donning our tiaras. Take this quiz to find out which character you should spend a night out on the ton with.


Where can we find you at the ball?

a) Making steamy eye contact with my latest conquest

b) Looking absolutely RAVISIHNG from the edge of the floor

c) Drinking wine

d) Balls are misogynistic

e) Eavesdropping on all the season’s gossip

f) Dazzling everyone with my diamond credentials


How would you woo someone?

a) ‘You are the BAE-ne of my existence’ <3

b) ‘A horse isn’t the only thing I can ride’

c) Poetry

d) Annihilate them in conversation

e) Pine from afar

f) Do nothing, people are always falling in love with me


If it’s not too improper, how’s your love life?

a) I’m a total rake

b) Fantastic! If I could only get out of this corset

c) Better than my art

d) I’m far too busy changing the world

e) Still waiting for a proposal….

f) Vanilla but satisfying


 Reason for your last breakup?

a) I won’t be tied down to one lord/lady/other

b) Family first

c) Artistic differences

d) They didn’t support my girlboss lifestyle

e) Can’t break up if you’ve never been in a relationship

f) Jilted me at the altar :/


Pick a TV show:

a) Succession

b) Derry Girls

c) The Great Pottery Throw Down

d) Killing Eve

e) Gossip Girl

f) Pride and Prejudice


Which song would you like to hear the string orchestra cover in the next series?

a) ‘Starlight’ – Dave

b) ‘Vroom Vroom’ – Charli XCX

c) ‘mememe’ – 100 gecs

d) ‘Paper Bag’ – Fiona Apple

e) ‘Adore you’ – Harry Styles

f) ‘Touch’ – Little Mix


Your confidants would describe you as…

a) Stubborn

b) Family-oriented

c) Pretentious

d) Independent

e) Shy

f) Optimistic


Mostly As: You are Anthony Bridgerton – can a rake ever be reformed? A charming flirt with a reputation as a player. This season focuses on what fills you with excitement and challenges you.

Mostly Bs: You are Kate Sharma – with your fierce dedication to your family and a talent for horseback riding, you are a force to be reckoned with. Although your stubbornness is incomparable, your heart is big.

Mostly Cs: You are Benedict Bridgerton – an artistic soul, you deviate from the path that was set out for you. You are currently on a journey of self-discovery. Be careful not to become too enrapt in your own brilliance. And you look great in a flowy shirt.

Mostly Ds: You are Eloise Bridgerton – truly a feminist icon, no one has more steadfast beliefs than you and everyone must hear about them. Independence is an asset but remember everyone else is still learning too…

Mostly Es: You are Penelope Featherington – poor Penelope cannot catch a break. Perhaps if you spent less time gossiping, you could focus on your own happiness. Don’t be too hard on yourself and fear not wallflower, your time is coming!

Mostly Fs: You are Edwina Sharma – with your delicate beauty and charming smile you are quite the catch this season. Be careful dear of giving your heart away too easily.



Pip Carew is a third-year student at the University of Manchester studying Film Studies and English Literature. As head editor of the film section, she enjoys writing cultural journalism and has interviewed many industry professionals. After graduation Pip hopes to pursue a career in journalism with anyone who will let her write.

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