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18th July 2022

Track Review: Bloodhound – Illuminations

Alex Cooper reviews ‘Illuminations’, the new single from Hull rockers Bloodhound.
Track Review: Bloodhound – Illuminations
Photo: Bloodhound – Luke Hallett @ Ian Cheek Press

Bloodhound have advanced their third single of the year, ‘Illuminations’, in support of their second album.  A favourite of the Hull scene, they have supported bands such as The Blinders, Low Hummer and Man of Moon up and down the country and are ready to make their own mark. Following up on debut Fragile Skeleton released in 2020, and fresh from a line-up change, the band have promised a second album ‘more modern, mature, and ambitious’.

The third offering backs up this statement; the single ticks all the boxes. It is a ferocious, 3-minute-something ball of energy. Vocalist Max Lilley displays range, using several different styles over the distorted instrumentals. He does this while keeping it very energetic; repeating “let’s have a revolution” on the chorus with incredible urgency and fervour. ‘Illuminations’ is the culmination of hard-rock sensibilities from Queens of The Stone Age fused with sonic construction akin to My Bloody Valentine. And it’s an absolute banger. The lyrics are sometimes difficult to make out given the heavily distorted mix, but that doesn’t detract from the fierce, enjoyable experience.

‘Illuminations’, as well as the previous two singles ‘A Message’ and ‘Backscattering’, are depicting what’s to come from Bloodhound. Eyes are on their next steps; it could be massive.

Listen to ‘Illuminations’ here.

Quotes taken from Music Glue.


Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper

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