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2nd October 2022

Beauty is Pain … And Money: Cosmetic money saving tips

Read for tips on saving money on cosmetics, finding the best deals, and how to make your favourite product last a little bit longer
Beauty is Pain … And Money: Cosmetic money saving tips
Photo: Lucy Giles @ The Mancunion

As you may know, beauty is not often cheap. If you are big into your skincare, haircare or makeup like we are, you’re probably already looking for ways to save money whilst shopping in the beauty world. As we enter further into the cost-of-living crisis, many of us are looking for ways to tighten our spending. So, here are some tips for pinching as many pennies as you can.

Doubling up

When you want a variety of shades across a range of products, the best way to save money and experiment is by using one product for several purposes. For example, using eyeshadow as blush or, with a bit of lip-gloss on top, a perfectly matching lip colour/tint. This is also useful as eyeshadow pigment can be stronger and have much better staying power.

You could also use your eyebrow pencil as a liner; an old (and cleaned) mascara wand as an eyebrow spoolie, lipstick as a cream blush, or highlighter as an ultra-shiny glitter eyeshadow. With a bit of experimentation, the options are endless. I have found my best blush shade in the middle of an eyeshadow palette.

Boots’ new saving line

Boots have recently announced that their own brand of ‘Everyday’ items will be no more than one pound fifty, with many lower than that as well. Included in this range are cleansing wipes, hairspray, and shaving foam. You can find the list of the whole range here.

Alternatively, you can grab yourself aclub cardub-card and sync up your student ID in-store. This not only gets you automatic points and offers, but 10% at check out. Better still, you get extra spending perks during your birthday month!

Using every last bit

Do not let a bottled product deceive you. Even when it no longer squeezes out product, it’s often far from actually empty. If you cut the bottle in half, you will find lots of leftover product and can usually scoop out a good few uses before it is completely finished. Do not let it go to waste!

TK Maxx

Although the products in TK Maxx are not always super cheap (however, many are), it is handy if you’re already looking to fork out some cash on something more expensive. Before you hit up the major retailers for that pricey product, it’s always worth checking in TK Maxx. Whether it’s online or in-store, it’ll likely be sold for a reduced price.

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