2nd November 2022

Disney on Ice: In conversation with Katrina Lopez

Katrina Lopez talks to The Mancunion about her love of Disney as a child and making other children’s dreams come true
Disney on Ice: In conversation with Katrina Lopez
Photo: Disney on Ice

Ahead of Disney on Ice presents Dream Big flying into Manchester’s AO Arena, I had the chance to talk to one of the show’s fantastic figure skaters: Katrina Lopez, a principal in the show who plays Princess Jasmine.

How did you get into figure skating?

My mom thought it was really important to keep me and my siblings active so she put us in multiple sports. I was put in dance, gymnastics, and figure skating. Ultimately, I liked skating the best because it was not only the most fun but I always had something new to learn.

Have you always been a Disney fan? If not, has this show made you one?!

I enjoyed watching Disney movies growing up, especially the Princess movies, but it was not until being part of Disney on Ice shows that I truly understood how special these characters are and I now get to witness the magic and happiness it can bring to people and their families.

What was your favourite Disney film, and who was favourite Disney character, as a kid? How does that compare to who you are playing?

My favourite Disney film was, and definitely still is, Hercules, making Megara my favourite character. Now, having the opportunity to portray Princess Jasmine, I find they are both quite similar. Both are very beautiful, lovable, strong, and confident female characters.

Do you feel a sense of responsibility portraying such iconic characters loved by so many?

Of course. When it comes to these amazing characters, I really want to portray them as they are in their story and give families a memorable experience so they can continue to look up to and love iconic Disney characters.

What is it like performing for children? Are they tougher critics?

Performing for children is probably my favourite part of my job! Nothing beats making someone smile and to see them get so excited when they see their favourite character. Every interaction I have had with kids in the crowd has been so pleasant, and it is quite a sense of fulfilment knowing how a simple wave and smile towards them could brighten their day. Even I get excited and emotional seeing them dressed up in costumes and characters!

What is it like skating in full costume? Especially the full-body costumes!

It is such a fun experience! I can’t say much has changed from my younger years; I still enjoy putting on makeup and dressing up to feel like a princess! The costumes just make the job and experience so much more real and magical.

Disney on Ice presents Dream Big runs at AO Arena from November 2 to 6 and tours the UK until December 31. Then, Disney on Ice: Discover the Magic tours the UK from February 23 to March 26. If you want to look through all the dates, head to the website.

Jay Darcy

Jay Darcy

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