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12th November 2022

Movember at UoM

A look at how UOM sport is getting involved in this years Movember and how students can donate!
Movember at UoM
Wikimedia Commons @ Movember Foundation

Every November since 2003, millions have attempted to grow their moustaches for a great cause. Movember has helped to fund over 1300 men’s health programmes across the world. Their core aims are to support the 10.8 million men facing life with prostate cancer and to help the millions who are diagnosed with testicular cancer, the most common cancer in the world amongst young men. Alongside these initiatives, Movember encourages conversations surrounding men’s mental health and suicide prevention. With young men accounting for 69% of all suicide, the slogan speaks for itself; “Men are dying too young. We can’t afford to stay silent.”

The signature fundraising method for Movember consists of men growing out their moustaches, successfully or unsuccessfully, to raise money and more importantly, awareness. University of Manchester University AU teams have been getting involved for many years now. UoM Rugby came top of the fundraising totals in 2021, smashing their initial target of £2.5K and raising a total of £4K for the charity. Their fundraising methods included the ‘2K a Day’ challenge – where they would run 2K every day for the month of November – bucket collections in the SU and of course, the notorious moustaches. 

I spoke to UoM Rugby Chairman, Patrick Dargan, about the club’s plans for this year and what the Movember charity meant to UoM Rugby. “In the rugby community, there is a massive stigma around men’s mental health and UoM Rugby tries really hard to focus on providing a brilliant support system to all the boys,” Dargan said.

Members of the team have undergone mental health training with the University so that they can provide support to anyone in the club. “The UoM Rugby support system is brilliant,” Patrick stated, explaining “most importantly it is a topic that is taken very seriously.”

Regarding the fundraising plans for this year, Patrick said the club is aiming for a target amount of £5K. With a larger number of players taking part in the 2022 campaign, it is extremely likely we will see rugby exceed their target once again. You can track their moustache progress on social media at @uomrugbyunion. 

There are multiple exciting fundraisers around campus that students can get involved with this Movember. If you wish to donate to this worthy cause in any way possible, visit the Movember website.

The list of events are as follows:

Saturday November 20 – UoM Movember team x UoM Esports Society 

The UoM Esports society are preparing a live gaming broadcast filled with activities. All donations to the live stream on will go to Movember.

Thursday November 24 – UoM Medics Sports

The University of Manchester Medical School and its numerous sports teams, including rugby and football, are coming together to raise money for the cause. 

Friday November 25 – UoM Movember Team Talent Contest

A ‘Talent Competition’ hosted by the Movember fundraising team will allow the UoM student body to showcase any special and hidden talents in music, stand-up or even moustaches! Donations and proceeds from the event will go to the University of Manchester Movember fund. 

If you would like any extra information on fundraisers, follow @uomraiseandgive and @movember_uom on social media.

You can also email [email protected] if you or your team wish to sign up!

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